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Sunday Column (261)

Whenever I am at the barber looking at myself in the mirror for minutes at a time, I notice how old I got. Not only the grey hair but the crow feet, the wrinkles in my face. Midlife crisis? Maybe. At the same time I am managing better in terms of life life balance and exercising. This includes an investment into new trainers after two years in my old ones. Over the past few years I learned a lot about looking after myself. Stretching before exercising and how to exercise for better results. I am doing ok I believe, for an amateur anyway. Wearable tech, whether a wrist band or an iPhone watch, will soon be a common item to have too, in order to monitor your health. I am looking forward to this, not that it doesn’t already exist, but I want to see which wearable tech is making the mark. I already monitor my sleep, my moves, my alcohol consumption and have a diary for my exercise. I am doing ok, and by monitoring all this, I am aiming to improve all of it. There is room for improvement. There always is. And if there is a week

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Sunday Column (205)

This week started really on Sunday night with us having had friends over for dinner. I feel like I am really settling in and enjoy life in our community. Other parents, kids, activities, sharing. Latter seems key to build good relationships. We have long arrived in Hassocks and go with the flow. Probably one of the best things I have done in life so far. Settling down. On that note it has been a year this week that we sold our old house and put an offer in on the current place. Time flies. On Tuesday I started running again. I find myself very unbalanced on Mondays. This is due to back-to-back meetings and follow ups you never really get on top of, followed by discussions, frustration, joy and curiosity. In other words: Mondays seem to be a roller coaster ride and you never know what happens. Tuesday results in lots of follow ups. I tend to either fast on Mondays or if I have a meeting I aim to eat reduced calories: salad, lean ham, no bread. Latter was the case this week. Anyway… Whilst running on Tuesday I watched the BBC’s/Dave Attenborough’s Africa report. When I was a

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Sunday Column (177)

Writing my Sunday Column is more a “Friday on my way home from work task”. I often write it up on Fridays and then add the weekend as and if it is interesting. This Friday I was off and thanks to my wife got some work done on the house, spend less time with the kids than anticipated but instead got some “me time”. So that was nice. Time for me to return the favour some time soon. Anyway, this week my thoughts were all over the shop. Yes, this picture tells a story of an excellent wine, and a good chat my wife and I had over this bottle. Direction. Family. House. Life in general. My Buddhist friend always said whatever you decide in life you will get the right challenges and end up where the universe wants you to be. The greater good? The greater god? The great unconscious in the universe? Actually I was asking to meet a few folk this week and were thinking about meeting someone I haven’t seen for a long time. A day later I met him in the tube, then got a phone call from someone else I was thinking of. Maybe

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