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Sunday Column (130)

We are staying in the UK – I guess that sums it up. After weeks and months or mulling over the possibilities of eventually moving to the USA or Australia, we decided to stay put. This has mainly to do with us wanting to bring the kids up closer to their grandparents. So London, or greater London, is a great compromise for a Scottish lassie and a German lad. Now we might look into moving further out of London, closer to a good secondary school, and into a bigger place. But there is no hurry of course. Finally we are going to settle. Phew, as you can imagine there was quite a lot of thinking going on. I still consider an international career but that would be limited to travel rather than moving. At least for the time being and positions that might be coming up as far as we can judge it at the moment. Work wise this week has seen an increase in meetings and longer hours at my desk. Slowly but surely we are moving towards Q4 and Christmas. I cannot wait. Our space is very exciting! My 30 day challenge is coming to an end too.

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Sunday Column (45)

Happy New Year! Tomorrow I start my new job and I am very excited about it. What is it I am going to do? I will launch a German company into the UK market. The company is a technology service provider that connects to ad exchanges in order to optimise the bought media based on the clients’ KPIs. Using the potential of display advertising with the effectiveness of search marketing. I am very excited to tell you all more about media optimisation and a new field of online and digital marketing shortly! However, a quick review of the week. After a very nice Christmas, my mother in law left us on Sunday. And, after a few days of drinking and eating, I decided to detox. Not like I normally would by not eating for 3 days and only having fruit and vegetable juices, but at least no alcohol for three days. I gave up coffee for 2.5 days but got a headache and thought I’d rather have one. But, I also focused on food that helped my body to rejuvenate, e.g. fresh vegetables and lots of orange juice. My wife was an absolute star this week and re-sealed most of

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Sunday Column (44)

This week’s review will be short 🙂 We spent Sunday/Monday down in Winchester with friends and had a great time catching up with them, and with other friends who live close by. Despite my worries about driving down from London due to the weather, it was ok and we got there and back again. Monday afternoon I had a massage. However, just before I arrived about 3 inch of snow fell and my Blackberry got wet in it, giving up on me. It failed to initialise. A night in Tupperware covered in rice did the trick and the machine is now back to normal. I got lucky, as insurance would have taken too long for me to have it back before the start of my new job on the 4th of January. Tuesday I spent most day cleaning as on Wednesday my Mother in Law arrived who I picked up at Kings Cross. It was very busy in town but we made it home and in time to just catch another big rain shower. Wednesday I caught up with some friends for lunch and beers and got some last minute shopping for Christmas done. A great cheese fondue at night

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