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Sunday Column (363)

This week was far from slow going. It started with the little one’s nativity play in which he was a donkey. I loved his outfit, yet his role was all but sitting around doing nothing. He loves acting and in years to come I see him taking on more prominent roles. Just the opposite from what his brother is like when it comes to performing. On Tuesday I went to a meeting outside London for a big presentation, to come back to our official Christmas party. I stayed over in London, in one of the posher hotels, which didn’t fail to disappoint. It is a shame how hotels in London get away with being so tourist oriented and less service oriented. Not good advertising for the tourists that come over. Never mind, we had a great night out at one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants, amazing food and fantastic chats. It is always a pleasure to meet the founder of the company and talking shop. Having said that, it is nice to also not talk shop but about experience, family, and life overall. Working for smaller companies and start ups is great as there is a real connection between the top

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Dear Diary 🙂 Yes, my wife is away for the weekend, so like a schoolboy I was wondering what I could get up to…. Not much really. After the usual Friday night bottle of wine I went to the gym this morning and came back to trying to migrate my Buddhism and Management Blog. However, due to some server issues I need to wait until tomorrow to finalise things 🙁 Hopefully anyway. So I updated my homepage of my consultancy: cb consulting. How do you like it? Now, the sun is shining and I need to do some reading in anticipation of our child and also, I need to watch some action movies my wife does not like. What are you doing this Saturday?

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