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Sunday Column (261)

Whenever I am at the barber looking at myself in the mirror for minutes at a time, I notice how old I got. Not only the grey hair but the crow feet, the wrinkles in my face. Midlife crisis? Maybe. At the same time I am managing better in terms of life life balance and exercising. This includes an investment into new trainers after two years in my old ones. Over the past few years I learned a lot about looking after myself. Stretching before exercising and how to exercise for better results. I am doing ok I believe, for an amateur anyway. Wearable tech, whether a wrist band or an iPhone watch, will soon be a common item to have too, in order to monitor your health. I am looking forward to this, not that it doesn’t already exist, but I want to see which wearable tech is making the mark. I already monitor my sleep, my moves, my alcohol consumption and have a diary for my exercise. I am doing ok, and by monitoring all this, I am aiming to improve all of it. There is room for improvement. There always is. And if there is a week

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