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Sunday Column (477)

Here we go again. Another week. Half term and we had the MIL and her partner here, which was great for them to take over some of the child duties. My wife managed to work and I went to do some work on stuff too. No news on the job front yet, still waiting to hear, working on a pipeline – this is a full time sales position where I am the product and the more people know about my job search, the better. So please spread the word and if you know anyone seeking a senior commercial person, let me know! Whilst I have been out of a job, the real job hunt has only just started, thanks to Christmas it has been a slow start. Not a good time for redundancy but a brilliant time to spend with the family and clear your head and understand what life is all about for you. Not wanting to play down the challenges that come with redundancies, but it has helped me to bring more focus to my life, and also everyone always says something better comes out of it. And I believe this is because you have to start thinking

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Buddhist Thought: Peace of Mind

Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind. Buddha When you get presents then do not overrate the material gift. Be thankful for what you receive. Do not compare those to whoever else got presents. Don’t envy others. Those who envy others won’t find peace as they will always find someone who will have more and better presents. Happy Birthday Colin. Your birthday is not about material presents as you are a gift in itself. One day you will understand my son! I love you, Daddy.

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