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Sunday Column (479)

6.52 – Monday – my train is leaving my local station to get to Victoria for an 8.30 meetings. It is minus degrees, and bitterly cold. As I am waiting for the train I reflect a bit and realise that I should have taken a woolen hat and some gloves. But no, I never really think about this. As most of my readers know I am an early bird. I lost over 10kg a few years ago and ever since had to bake in exercise into my daily routine. The only way it works for me, given I have a 90 minute door-to-door commute, is at 5 am routine in the morning. So despite people asking me if I am mad, I am not, I am just scheduling things so they work. 5 am wake up, about 45-60 minute exercise, 15 minutes meditation, getting ready, breakfast and out of the door by 7ish. Simple, isn’t it? Having done some research recently into my sleep pattern, I realise that I have been waking up earlier than 5 am. What happens is, as my body must have got used to getting up between 4.45 and 5.15 every morning for the last 6

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Inspirational Thought: Success

Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become. ~ Jim Rohn After last week’s classic quote this one is a classic for those involved in personal development. If you want to achieve something, maybe you want to try to visualise the position you are after. And instead of thinking of what you need to do to get there from your current position, think differently: imagine you are already in the position you want to be, look back, and think how you got there. Don’t pursue what you want to become, be already what you want to become and attract what you need in order to achieve it. Give it a go! Volker

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Moving 16

The asbestos is gone. The garage ceiling re-instated. The freezer arrived, the old one was sold via eBay. The pictures are up. The door handles are on. The fish tank is getting there. The olive tree is in front of the house. Next week the wardrobe arrives, the doors will be in shortly, the ceiling in the kitchen repaired, the new garden shed erected, and and and. We are getting there.

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