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Thursday Flash (40)

Flash… This week covers some smart things and some future proof personal development. How to actually work smarter….not harder – which sounds like a no-brainer is actually very smart. Have a read, worth to take some notes on this. How to enjoy your non work weekends – this is a great article on life life balance. I have been writing about this for a while, so enjoy! Future proof your body: 17 things you need to do now to be healthy in later life – you might find some suggestions useful, others scary. Pick and choose! Have a great week, Volker

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Sunday Column (70)

I know a lot of people are getting bored of the Sunday Column, calling it more of a diary than a blog. Fair point, but maybe that is what it is. My thoughts to an openly accessible diary? I try to bring in some idea on life every now and then. However, in all honesty, I hardly have time to sit down and reflect lately. Work wise the week started off with a very good meeting and on Wednesday I had my first new starter at mexad UK. Finally things are coming together and we are increasing not only the team and presence in the UK, but our growth is supported by an office move next week. So things are going well. Being responsible for the UK means that in return I get a lot of extra work. So when I write a lot about work, it is because that is where I spend most of time. I sleep less hours in my bed than being at work, and less time with the family than at work. And, I think that is something one has to think about. If you look at all those studies about people growing old. Mediterranean

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Living to be 100 and more?

I love TED. Ted comes up with the most interesting discussions, this one is about how you can live to 100 years plus. And, it boils down to living with more healthy food, have a good social live, be active, not to overeat, eat lots of vegetables etc. None of which is rocket science, but we just need to change our lifestyle.

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