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Sunday Column (478)

I am thankful for the support and conversations I had this week. I cannot thank people enough whether they spend time making a nice comment about some work I have done, or wether they brainstormed with me over a coffee and a walk. Or some really experienced headhunters approaching me for the roles that would take my career to the next level. I feel like there is opportunity, and listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast interviewing Bob Metcalfe – oh wow, there is so much that can turn out well and of course it comes down to luck and serendipity, but who says I am not in the vortex now. Are things happening as we speak. And where do we end up? Wow. Wow. Wow.

As you can see I am enjoying my journey. That is of course until the cold reality kicks in and I realise that contracting only covers part of my costs at the moment, but there is more contract work on the horizon. I am trusting the path and that the dots will connect looking backwards. That is what I am learning with every podcast I am doing, and you will be pleased to hear that I am in the process of getting some female guests signed up. And another coach. I could spend more time making this into something bigger but fear it takes focus away from the job search. Maybe that’s for the next part of my life?

So this week started out with an interesting discussion on my podcast. Yes, I interviewed a friend and mentor and, given it was 9:30 on a Monday, we drifted in some deep philosophical thoughts around happiness and success. As we finished the podcast it felt like we have talked forever and connected on some deep values, a very intense start into the week.

What am I saying here? My podcasts on success help me a lot to reflect of what is important. Whether success is important and whether happiness is related to success. Or success related to happiness. And with some of my guests I drift down to the question of what’s important in life, and it most often is achievement, the journey, a good life, health and family. Most are high achievers and for them it is important to be top of their game and make a lasting difference. And a lasting difference seems to be set equal with a long and healthy life. It is also NOT set equal with money. Something I always thought growing up.

Please not that I have now put up a page on this blog to refer to a reading list of books recommended on my Stories of Success podcast and books I recommend anyone to read. Check out those recommendations.

My question, and this is unrelated to the above, is if it is an illusion we are living in. Have we not always expected to grow old in the same way as our grandparents did. Our parents and the generations before. I have. And, for whatever reasons, we seem to hear from more people that die young or are ill younger, and if I say young, I mean 50-60 years of age. Putting it into relation, I am sure the statistics don’t show more people dieing younger yet, but there seem to be more touching my life. Now we can philosophise as much as we like, and Anthony Robbins invested heavily in stem cell therapy to improve life expectancy (that’s the way I interpret it), but one thing is certain: we will not grow old in the way older generations have.

It is a fact. And the reason I am so sure about that, is that life is changing constantly. We work differently to the generations before us, we consume different foods, we consume different media, get different stimulus, we are living in more polluted cities, we have more reliance on money, ….and the list goes on. Our lives are already fundamentally different to our parents’ life at the same age. And you just need to look at our kids using tablets and iPhones at an age we weren’t even have computers. The exponential acceleration of technology, for better or worse, results in us having a different life when we are older. Whether that is computer and robot related, or better health technology, or us never reaching that age as we all die of some disease or blowing up the planet.

This fact fascinates me, and I’d love to get involved in the development of some of those technologies that might make our life easier and better. One day, I believe so anyway, I come up with an idea that will change people’s life. That is when I will get self employed and go for it. I just haven’t had this yet, but given all the podcasts, when you deeply know you need to do something to make a difference, you will. I sit patiently and observe my thoughts. And maybe it is something small. And different to what I thought it might be. And it won’t be about money. Who knows what the future holds.

For now I am back at work. Not in a full time position but I am doing some contractual work. That keeps me occupied and stops me from going stir crazy. It is fun, I can make a difference, and maybe it leads to some full time employment – one way or another. I said to someone last week that I feel that things fall into place and I am now in a place I wanted to be 3 months ago. But 3 months ago, maybe me or the universe, things just weren’t ready. Timing, patience, believe and positive thoughts are what drives us forward.

Serendipity. And who listened to my 2nd published podcast with Caspar Schlickum knows, I quoted him a lot today. I am grateful for mentors and grateful for giving back. Latter I believe I have done this week too. Give and take. Greater unconsciousness.

Love and kindness to you, wherever in the world you are.

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Life is for giving – and helping each other

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Sunday Column (249)

Hello all,

In all honesty, I am not sure what to write this week. My cold is still not better, actually worse again end of week with temperature and all. The kids aren’t well, we just don’t seem to be able to shake off those winter bugs.

But we are well. In comparison at least. I have been thinking about things. If you have a roof over your head and food on the table, you are better off than most people in this world. A friend was diagnosed with cancer, another has cancer in his family, another is on holidays at a fancy destination and my friend who is depressive and I should really catch up….f@ he’ll. No offence guys, what’s happening?

I guess I have a big heart, I love and want to help everyone. Above isn’t meant to be complaining, no it is to give you, as a reader, the insight into my emotional life. Balancing that with the ongoing search for happiness, constant push to outperform at work…life can be daunting, couldn’t it?

But it isn’t. Life is actually darn good! I have a roof over my head, food on the table and an amazing wife which I absolutely love. My rock, my balancing weight, my support, my benchmark, my fun, my life really. I am a very dedicated family man, love my wife and kids to bits and this is and will always be my main focus. No matter what, no compromise.

But because my wife is as great as she is, I started dedicating so much time to others. Helping others is such a great part of my life. I might actually step this up a notch soon too. I just was voted assistant secretary in my Rotary Club for next year. Not the biggest move, yet a big part of what I believe in: helping others, raising funds for others and making other people’s life a bit better.

There is no place like home they say. There is no place like being able to give beyond your means, not from a financial but involvement point of view. No greater gift than lying in bed at night thinking how, if small, you have improved someone’s life. For me this is the greatest inner satisfaction.


Just whilst typing these sentences I look around. I am on a train yet again, listening to Newton Faulkner (that might explain my sentimental outlook this week). Couples kissing, sitting next to each other smiling, people hanging on to their thoughts, looking like they are stressed, reading the paper or trying to frantically getting reception on their phone.

Yes, they all have their own story, life, death. Their own parcel to carry, their own burden.

You know what I did this week? I still had holidays to take this year and all my meetings for Friday got postponed. So I took that day off. I took the kids to school, went I to town for a lunch with a close friend who I admittedly didn’t spend enough time with over the past few months, and I just enjoyed myself, wandering around the shops, chilling out. Uninterrupted “me time”. I let go and had fun, just in time to be home for bath time. I loved it. I was beaming. I needed it.

I guess this post is very reflective, on my emotional state, and my thoughts on what’s happening in this world. The year draws to a close, I reflect. This year has been an up and down but overall it is up. As always, I see the positive in small things, and I am a very positive person!

Not long till Christmas now. Have a great last week. I cannot wait for the kids’ nativity plays and hugs, kisses and stories from them. Life is great. And you, my friends, the ones I mentioned initially, you will be fine. I will help where I can.

Buddha bless,

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