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Thursday Flash (47)

Flash… An article worth reading about the nostalgia on the internet. You might get some flash backs afterwards 😉 Then I read: Top five career lessons learned. It is all about experience and what you learn from jobs. So that’s fun! And last but not least, and I recently read a whole book about it, there was a good find on bad body language and which behaviour you find difficult to quit. Take note! See you next Thursday. Volker

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You’ve got mail

You remember, 1998 when Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks were starring in “You’ve got mail“? My wife and I just watched it on ITV this afternoon and I was fascinated. I am not sure if I remember right but was this movie actually sponsored by IBM, AOL and Starbucks? If not it should have been 😉 2 high profile actors promoting a love relationship on the internet, using a dial up connection and the AOL instant messenger and mail client 🙂 Wow, wow, wow. That is as if I walked out of my front door today and there was a horse and carriage outside. This is only 10 years ago. Let me imagine what it would be like today? You go online in a chat room with your facebook ID or meet someone in a group on myspace? You then exchange twitter account names and write direct messages via blackberry or wireless devices sitting in Starbucks. The latter seems to be still in fashion. Is that the first sign that the internet became un-romantic? Could such a love story still exist in today’s time? There was a German movie “Frau2 sucht Happy End” who was very similar. That was only

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