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Sunday Column (480)

It has been an interesting and very intense week. I don’t really know where to start but I had a few experiences this week I’d like to share. As someone pointed out to me this week, my blog is very detailed, yet as I explained, I enjoy writing it and it is my creative outlet. And usually I write on the train or during my son’s karate lesson.

I published another podcast and recorded my first 90 minutes long podcast. If there was a way to earn enough money doing that I would consider that full time, maybe one day. For the time being it is a great hobby. If you haven’t seen or HEARD it, Dominic Joseph speaks about his story, and I believe there are lots of learnings you can take from him. Thanks for being my guest!

The main thing this week was my wife’s laser eye correction. I am quite squeamish, so don’t want to go into detail, and whilst I shouldn’t complain as I don’t have the pain, she couldn’t sleep and it kept me awake too. Just to be sure we don’t have a misunderstanding here, I am not cursing her for it, but having had an 8 am interview on Friday, a 6.23 train and being awake half the night knocked me out on Friday afternoon. How did I cope when we had babies?? I remember going from hospital and night feeds straight into interviews in 2009. Maybe a good omen?!

At time of writing she is getting better. And that’s the main thing, and I caught up on some sleep too. It feels a bit like Dusk till Dawn at home, as all the shutters are closed to avoid sunlight coming in. No, she hasn’t turned into a vampire 😉

On Wednesday I tried a new massage therapist. Mine had to cancel and since the meeting didn’t get re-arranged, I figured it was time to try someone else to keep my muscles entertained. I am believer that change is good and that you need to change things on a regular basis to keep yourself or your body from being complacent. For someone who doesn’t get massages on a regular basis this might sound silly and odd, but the massage I got was a mixture of massage and physio which my body responded very well to. If you need a recommendation, I am happy to refer you to her.

Recruitment or job search was another topic of course and I know some people read this hoping for some news. So do I 🙁 I got some new leads, had interviews, managed to schedule some really good interviews for next week, awaiting some more, and of course got some rejections too. It is difficult to balance chasing without annoying the recruiters, so any job that comes direct is so much easier to manage. I feel things are moving forward and definitely I found one job I would love to do. Fingers crossed. Any of my recruiters reading this, let me know if I annoy you, yet most say call me whenever you want….some say every four weeks, others just don’t answer or bother. The industry is an odd one, but hey, I also made some friends in the process. Having this extra layer in between allows you access to the bigger jobs. But on the other hand, it comes with less control. So finding the balance with the middle man can be hard sometimes. Anyhow. I have some interesting discussions at the moment, and I am so curious where I end up in a few weeks time. Or I hope it is weeks and not months anyway. I keep you posted.

Oh, and after some contemplating and meetings, I have now decided to take on another advisory role. I heard headhunters saying I am too young to do that. Other would question whether I am too old to work for a 20 something entrepreneur? Neither is true. I quite happily work for a young entrepreneur and have done so in the past, as that is how the industry rolls. At the same time, I am not too young for advisory roles, yet depends which start up and what area. I have, and that wasn’t intentionally, found one where I am curious to learn more about the topic (it is about blockchain and crypto currency) and at the same time can add value with my experience. It happens to be run by a very smart and young entrepreneur too. I announce it formerly once the paperwork is signed.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that a job search has an impact on one’s mood, and one’s surrounding. My kids keep asking when I go back to work and luckily I got some contract work which keeps me sane. I want the right job (fingers crossed), not any job, and I am keen on keeping it that way. Patience is getting less, but on the other hand I need to keep on going, filling the pipe until things are sorted. And of course they will. The next job should be 3-5 years ideally, so better make it a good one and I am keen on staying somewhere longer to make a proper impact.

Now, coming to another experience I wanted to share. My youngest is wearing contact lenses for a couple of weeks now. They shape his eyes over night and he takes them out in the morning. On the one hand they stop him from having to wear glasses and on the other hand it stops his eyes from getting worse. Fingers crossed that will be the case. I am so heartbroken seeing my seven year old putting contacts in, his struggle when he is tired. I am so very proud of him doing that whilst myself I am too squeamish to even consider it. See above, the eye problems run in the family (that’s my wife’s line btw, just saying 😉 ) and I am glad we have the possibilities to make things better moving forward. It all will be good in the end. But it is a struggle to make things better sometime and putting this on children early is balancing pushing and understanding. Not easy to be a parent sometime.

I have been networking this week too, and my Instagram followers would have noticed, I have a new drink of choice: an Old Fashioned. A drink that lasts longer than a pint and taste nice and is still ‘cool’ after the Mad Men era. Having said that, depending who you are speaking to, Mad Men is a thing of the past. The right comment given it was IWD this week (International Women’s Day). This could be another post in itself, I think it is great that the world wakes up to equality, but as I have said here and elsewhere before, I am still buffled that people would treat others differently based on gender, or race, or age, … Anyway, we as a global society are on the way to improve things.

With that hope and wish, my wife being on the mend, and a roast dinner in the oven, I hope you had a great weekend too.

All the best for the week ahead.


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Sunday Column (221)

It has been a rock’n roll week. Quite frankly I am tired out tonight, so this is going to be a short one. I had a fantastic weekend with both friends and family, a BBQ, and lots of sun. Also, I truly enjoyed last week’s bank holiday Monday with the family, we finally got some sun and I got a sunburn 🙁 it is great to spend time with the boys and the wife. I was still tired from my extensive weekend cycle ride which I enjoyed very much! On top of that it looks like we got yet another cold or virus or something. We all felt under the weather, headaches and coughs mainly, tiredness. Onwards and upwards, not to moan of course 🙂

Also this week, we finally got confirmation that we own all the land we live on. Might sound funny but almost a year on we now got it in black and white that all the land is ours, including a 1 by 3 metre strip in the front of the house. Don’t ask 😉 but yes, happy days.

every morning

I had more interviews and more opportunities coming my way. From start-up to corporate, free-lance to full-time. I am confident something will work out as a full time position, although I have been busy for myself too. Hopefully I finalise my first book draft by end of June and also finish some other things I wanted to do for quite some time. The world is your oyster. As a friend said: embrace it. However, I decided that for now I won’t move forward with self employment but instead focus on finding a career move. So watch this space.

My ‘Buddhist thought‘ column will change into an every other week feature. The reason is simply that I have written it for quite some time and think it gets a bit too repetitive, despite me having less time. I am sure I come up with a new idea. Again, watch that space.

But what else is happening? The boys speak more German. Or at least Colin does. Tschüß for instance when I leave the house or Apfelsaft asking for his juice. The latest is ‘Papa’ instead of ‘Daddy’. It is nice to see that part of the effort is paying off. Rohan in the other hand is a pickle. He did sleep through the odd night this week but generally is still a hand full. So sleep deprivation comes on top of all the other moans too 🙂 Ok, I stop here.

Overall it was a good week, and I appreciate the time I have with the boys more and more. However, I also spend a lot of time networking and working, but it is so good to have breaks and cuddles with them I wouldn’t normally be able to have. But it is also time to go back to work, earn money and progress with my career. Unless I will win the lottery after all and just put my feet up. Wishful thinking!

Have a great week!

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Sunday Column (14)

I am not sure why I label the columns, e.g. count the weeks. Who knows what it is good for. This week has been sunny. Whilst for some of your readers, e.g. Australia, this might not sound too uncommon, for the UK we had a pretty good week as far as the weather is concerned.

Monday was a very lazy bank holiday and Tuesday started with an interview. Wednesday was another interview and so was on Friday. So in total I had 3 interviews this week and have another 3 booked for next week and hope for follow ups from this week. Does that mean anything? Yes, I think it means that despite the recession there is work out there and that our industry, Online and Digital Marketing as well as Social Media, might be stagnating but not declining. So fewer jobs overall and more applicants per job. I just wrote two articles on careers in a recession for a new career blog I will tell you about soon!

For obvious reasons I cannot go into detail of any of the interviews but there are some very exciting opportunities out there!
Enough about my job hunt. My office mate found a job and left me this week, so well done Mr C.! So it is only me left in our London office which, as you know, closes the end of July. I am feeling a tat lonely but will cope.

Has anything else dominated my life this week? Food – I know my wife will now complain that I put food over baby, but we had lovely BBQs, lovely lunches and a lovely party last night. Very good self made Cazik/Tzatziki. If you see a cloud over Beckenham, you know where it is coming from 😉 Besides food, drinks appeared on the list of things I did this week. I went to “The Duke” which I will write about next week – a friend got lost too, but I’d rather keep that story for some other time!

Last, not least of course, we are in anticipation of Colin to arrive. Jen’s friend who said he would arrive on the 28th and then dreamt about it was wrong. Sorry G, we wish you had been right. Now, he could appear any day. Or not for another week. You never know and you cannot predict. You can see the little counter in the top right corner. Official date is Friday, 5th of June. But, he might be well overdue and not appear for another 2 weeks. Who knows.

So that is really our week. Anticipation about interviews and anticipation of arrival of baby. Two things that shouldn’t go together but they do. The world is what you do with it and how you approach it. Reading some NLP books again and need to write more about it. There is still so much to learn, explore and live for!

I might write a bit more about spirituality, thoughts on personal development and of course NLP later this week. So watch this space.

Have a successful and peaceful week,

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