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Sunday Column (480)

It has been an interesting and very intense week. I don’t really know where to start but I had a few experiences this week I’d like to share. As someone pointed out to me this week, my blog is very detailed, yet as I explained, I enjoy writing it and it is my creative outlet. And usually I write on the train or during my son’s karate lesson. I published another podcast and recorded my first 90 minutes long podcast. If there was a way to earn enough money doing that I would consider that full time, maybe one day. For the time being it is a great hobby. If you haven’t seen or HEARD it, Dominic Joseph speaks about his story, and I believe there are lots of learnings you can take from him. Thanks for being my guest! The main thing this week was my wife’s laser eye correction. I am quite squeamish, so don’t want to go into detail, and whilst I shouldn’t complain as I don’t have the pain, she couldn’t sleep and it kept me awake too. Just to be sure we don’t have a misunderstanding here, I am not cursing her for it, but

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Sunday Column (221)

It has been a rock’n roll week. Quite frankly I am tired out tonight, so this is going to be a short one. I had a fantastic weekend with both friends and family, a BBQ, and lots of sun. Also, I truly enjoyed last week’s bank holiday Monday with the family, we finally got some sun and I got a sunburn 🙁 it is great to spend time with the boys and the wife. I was still tired from my extensive weekend cycle ride which I enjoyed very much! On top of that it looks like we got yet another cold or virus or something. We all felt under the weather, headaches and coughs mainly, tiredness. Onwards and upwards, not to moan of course 🙂 Also this week, we finally got confirmation that we own all the land we live on. Might sound funny but almost a year on we now got it in black and white that all the land is ours, including a 1 by 3 metre strip in the front of the house. Don’t ask 😉 but yes, happy days. I had more interviews and more opportunities coming my way. From start-up to corporate, free-lance to full-time.

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Sunday Column (14)

I am not sure why I label the columns, e.g. count the weeks. Who knows what it is good for. This week has been sunny. Whilst for some of your readers, e.g. Australia, this might not sound too uncommon, for the UK we had a pretty good week as far as the weather is concerned. Monday was a very lazy bank holiday and Tuesday started with an interview. Wednesday was another interview and so was on Friday. So in total I had 3 interviews this week and have another 3 booked for next week and hope for follow ups from this week. Does that mean anything? Yes, I think it means that despite the recession there is work out there and that our industry, Online and Digital Marketing as well as Social Media, might be stagnating but not declining. So fewer jobs overall and more applicants per job. I just wrote two articles on careers in a recession for a new career blog I will tell you about soon! For obvious reasons I cannot go into detail of any of the interviews but there are some very exciting opportunities out there! Enough about my job hunt. My office mate found

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