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Sunday Column (167)

This week started with a bank holiday. I really could get used to 3 days weekends. Also, I finally bought what I was going on for for the last few months: an iPad. Yes, after converting to an iPhone, reading Steve Jobs’ Biography, then “Inside Apple” and now the biography of Joan Baez, I am so taken with Apple (and subsequently with the 60ies/Hippie attitude) that the next purchase will be an iMac. That has to wait until we have moved though. The iPad is aiming to replace my netbook which my MIL (mother in law) will appreciate. Also when I start commuting longer from the new place there will be plenty of use for an iPad from reading the paper to writing this blog. By the way the new place. We really annoy our solicitors and mortgage advisor. After some mistakes on their end, it has now all been verbally sorted. Once things are confirmed in writing we are going to exchange contracts (hopefully next week) and then move early June. Fingers, toes and legs crossed. We cannot wait. Life is on hold until we can settle. No new purchases, no BBQs, no new paint on the wall. We

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Sunday Column (158)

A week of travel away from home is laying behind me. Of course my job requires a lot of travel, however this week was a whole week away which is unusual. I enjoy it to the extend to get a few good night sleeps, but I often end up staying up late with clients or colleagues which causes the reverse effect. But it is always well worth it 🙂 Anyway, I had a very positive week, met some very impressive people and got to know a lot more about management, products, and innovation. What else could I ask for? Last week, for some reasons, my write up about “Fatherland” had the most views and hits. Maybe, but only maybe, I got reminded this week that I am actually from Germany. But I cannot translate any more, I don’t even feel that I understand Germany any longer. I am detached. But I still hold the passport, keep some of the traditions and apply some of the “German thinking” to my life. But I am truly settled in the UK. More so when we get our new house of course. On that note we are making progress. I believe all reports and

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Sunday Column (141)

I love those weeks that pass very quickly. Too often have I managed to work a few hours more. And, I don’t mind it. But if you have days where you work the hours of two days in one, hardly sleep, and realise you have done weekly overtime despite you only worked 4 days, it is time to relax. I am not moaning, I love working, even feel like being a work-aholic but with family and all, it can be quite tiring. Yes, I am a bit stressed at the moment, a bit pushed. Despite our Germany holiday, I haven’t really relaxed for a while. The sleepless nights, the ongoing man flu and the car take their toll. All that on top of work. Latter however is very enjoyable as otherwise I wouldn’t put that much effort in. Anyway, to relax I got away this weekend. Since the car wasn’t an option the four of us went – with rucksack and pram – through the rush hour on Friday morning to catch a train to Cornwall to see Jen’s uncle Mike. It was fantastic. Despite the hate for buses and my wife feeling travel sick, everything else was great about

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