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Sunday Column (455)

Autumn has arrived. A cold, rainy and windy Sunday last week, building rafts, then a hot bath for the boys and a nice warm fire for all of us, cosy. The natural things, the things we have always known, like fire and blankets, provide shelter and comfort on days like that. We cleared away our garden furniture, cleaning the BBQ and prepare for winter. It isn’t quite there yet, but it won’t be long. Comfort. With hurricanes sweeping over the Caribbean and the US, we can consider ourselves lucky. Yet, the signs this might be global warming can no longer be ignored. Raising sea levels and different sea temperatures make nature more powerful. This is scary as this is only the beginning and seems far away. That might and will change. And I have been saying that since I joined a local environmental group in my early teens. And what have we, as human kind, done to prevent it?

9-11. It happened 16 years ago, just when I arrived in the UK. We seek comfort, we never forget. An event that changed the world and influences our generation as much as the wars have influenced our parent’s generation. Troubled times. We are lucky to not have seen more attacks of similar scale over the years, and I hope that we never will, given improved security at airports etc. We cannot be scared of flying or getting around following our daily business. We shouldn’t. We must trust that the majority of people on this planet are good people, looking after one another and share love and compassion. However, Korea is trying to prove us wrong. Another missile towards Japan. 9-11 is a reminder for us to not forget what has happened, why it has happened and how we learned from it.

Germany hosted the biggest digital advertising exhibition and conference dmexco this year. It has been 11 years since I started attending that event, and I since missed it once or twice. It has grown phenomenal and the owners are doing an amazing job to deliver an event relevant to the industry. Globally. I noticed that I have been in digital marketing for over 10 years, and 8 out of those I deal with programmatic. Even back then I said that the ecosystem will just adopt programmatic as standard. I wasn’t wrong so far. Yet the hype isn’t over yet, it takes 10 years for things to normalise I suppose, hence we seeing so much consolidation in the industry. When at the show I heard that my old boss said to someone at a meeting that ‘I was the best sales person he ever hired’. It is nice to have these things said about me, of course it would be nicer to have heard it from him. The industry is a village, lots of familiar faces, networking, and shaking hands. That’s what I love about it, some great friends you find, connections you make.

In between coming back from Germany and going out to New York, I try to spend as much time as possible with my boys. Travel is full on again, and more than planned, but the job needs to be done. It isn’t glamorous. On Tuesday I got a chance to take them to school and chat with them in the morning. A lovely autumn day it seemed. I missed them coming home delayed and exhausted on Thursday but we made up for it on Friday and Saturday. They do not like me being away and I do not like the travelling either. But it is part of the parcel and it will get better. Important in my opinion is that we talk about it, and that I carve out the time with the family when I can. This is to make sure you do not neglect the most important part of your life. They need to feel valued and given attention, being the most important things I have. Given I love my job, always enjoyed working, family is still there forever, and building a relationship with your kids starts now. As my boss once said, success doesn’t mean being successful in your job only, there is family and other things to consider too. That goes in line with a book I finished reading this week which examines how we – you – measure your life.

In other news, after my wife gave me an amazing bracelet for my birthday, a Buddhist one that makes me feel more grounded and reminds me to be mindful, I got myself another one. It has seven different coloured beads, representing chakras and remind you of virtues too. I enjoy wearing them, alongside my colourful and changing watch straps, in order to remind myself daily of how grateful I am. When on flights and trying to relax my brain and taking a moment to just not think, I touch those beads, reflect on what’s happening in life and cherish the love and focus on the important things in my life. This is important to me, and I am pleased to have those reminders with me.

Before I finish off a few thoughts on the Apple event this week. The iPhone X is amazing. The technology is the future of what is there to come. In my opinion Apple has pulled off an amazing phone packed with mind blowing technology. I also believe that technology will become available to mainstream iPhones in the years to come, and for now is more a gimmick. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have one, but I cannot justify the money for it. So I might just hold on to see how the technology will find its way in the more affordable versions over time. Hence I need to check how to upgrade to the iPhone 8 for now.

It has been a busy week. Exciting with the official showcasing of our new company joint proposition at dmexco. Fully booked, exhausting flights. Networking, fun filled conversations, discussions, open exchanges about the things there are and things to come. I am happy, content about the life I am living and the situation I am. Zen. It is busy but change is good. I am excited about change, whichever way it might turn out. When you read this on Sunday night I will be on the plane to New York for a quick trip. Life isn’t bad as long as we are aware what is important to us, how we measure whether we prioritise correctly and as long as we are in zen with ourselves.

Thanks for reading and tuning in. Have a fantastic week,

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Thursday Flash (32)


Maybe things calmed down out there a bit. However, never too late to be productive and improve your productivity over the summer.

Then there was an article about the iPhone in 2020. A longer read but if you are interested in some futuristic thoughts and like Apple, this one is for you.

And last but not least, there are dangers of measuring performance. Not in general but for some start ups, and some not so start ups, as you measure the effectiveness of the system and not the performance of the individual. Some interesting thoughts there, so worth a read.

Enjoy your summer,

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Thursday Flash (31)


Rohn: 9 Things More Important Than Money – yes, money isn’t everything. It is important, but as I teach my kids, happiness is coming from within….

The iPhone in 10 years won’t be a phone anymore. Really? There are a lot of rumours around what the next iPhone will be and what other changes might happen in the future. The article is for sign-in users only, but even if you watch the video on the site, you will like the thoughts on how things might change.

20 mantras – to help you change and adjust your attitude. Pick and few and see how you can improve your life and happiness!

If you enjoyed the read, please share with other people that might like it!


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United we stand with our #iPhone

Fascinating how a small device like an iPhone changed the world and will continue to do so.

I had my first (non smart phone) with 21.

Not sure if those developments are a good thing though.



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Sunday Column (155)

Weeks seem to pass quicker and quicker. I finally made up my mind regarding phones and got myself the ultimate iPhone4s. The difference between an Android and an iPhone is significant. Whilst the battery life is not much better, the usability is a lot better. I remember moving from a Blackberry to Android. That was a great step, things were good. Now it seems like another step up. As I keep the HTC as a work phone I get the best of both worlds….

I don’t want to speak too much about work. The reasons are simple, there is too much happening with the integration of our new owner. Exciting times, exciting position and visions. I keep learning and developing which is very important for me. March will see a lot of travelling again, and I am looking forward to it. I think this year is going to be very exciting and fantastic. I am glad to be part of it!

Also this week I had another unhealthy lifestyle. Too much wine, too many lunches and dinners…I cannot wait to move and get my very own treadmill in the garage to counter balance that. I should eat a lot healthier too. But just getting some exercise on a regular basis will make a huge difference. Fingers crossed.

With the work load and the kiddies going to bed around 7ish, I haven’t managed to see them at night time at all this week. So weekends are getting more and more important for me. Time to catch up with the boys! Being able to turn work off completely gives me a new feeling. I still check the emails and prepare things on a Sunday night, but not having your emails on your personal phone makes a huge difference. I should have done that a lot earlier.

Anyway, the weekend was great. I managed to clear out the loft a bit and got my wife a birthday present. Pandora: a clever idea. You buy your wife a bracelet and in order to fill it up with charms completely you keep buying those little charms. For mothers day, Christmas, or any occasion really. A very clever business idea I have to say. I am impressed.

Next weekend is the big birthday… I have a few days off too. Catching up with my 2011 holidays. I hope we can go away and have a nice lunch with the boys somewhere. The car does come in handy even if you are inclined to drive like a taxi driver when hearing the engine. It’s just not a fancy SUV πŸ™ It just fulfils the purpose of a family car.

One last thing I noticed today. Cafe Giardino, a chain for “fresh healthy food”, naturally good, heats the lasagne and pasta in the microwave rather than serving fresh food as they claim. Their sandwiches look box standard, no chips are available probably because they would need a kitchen.

Maybe not the best thing to mention after an unhealthy week, but if restaurants rely on microwaves in order to serve natural good food, then I am not surprised that we have a lot of diseases and illnesses traced back to our lifestyle.

You can see, I am in the process of changing my food once again. Every few months (the experienced reader has noticed the pattern by now) I look at the amount of take aways, coffee and alcohol I consume. Latter is actually not too bad but the take aways and coffees are particular bad recently. Hence last night I ordered some new herbal teas. Change is good!

Have a great week. Based on the discussions I had this week there are more people reading my blog than anticipated. You guys never really comment πŸ™ Anyway, I am glad to have a readership and to answer the burning question: no we don’t know yet when we move. But, we got rid of the wasp nest in the loft πŸ™‚


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Sunday Column (154)

Wow, wow….we bought a house. Sounds simple and sounds good but of course everything can still go wrong. I am still debating whether to post pictures, but for the time being I will not. It all happened quite quickly. We accepted an offer last week on our property, went to Hassocks to look at properties last weekend, and on Monday we made an offer which got accepted. Looks chain free; looks like it might be going through smoothly and quickly. Fingers crossed we are in the new place for Easter! Wow.

I guess these news are enough for a week. As you can imagine our heads are going wild about ideas what we could do and how. Our heads are planning furniture, fittings, garden design and what all we could do with the garage. It is this mind game. But there is no deal until you got the keys.

The rest of the week was ok. Work is busy as usual but I had a few quiet days this week which was welcomed. However, Thursday I went to Admonsters conference (blog post to follow), an industry event around real time bidding, display and biddable media. Great to speak to a few leading industry heads and discuss current issues of the industry.

Friday I had a day off work. Rohan had his first birthday – so I spent the day taking Colin to school, taking the family out for lunch, and then we had a birthday party. Not big. A few friends, about 7 kiddies and some home made cake. I don’t know how mothers cope but I found it very tiring. But it was great fun too.

I started enjoying days off work more. This has nothing to do with work itself but that I embrace family life more. The HTC I have still seems to think that I should read my emails despite saying “don’t sync”. That and some other features I don’t like lead me to finally get myself an iPhone and use the HTC for work purposes only. This way I can actually turn work off if I am not working. Something I wanted to do for a long time, and I think I will benefit from a clearer work life balance.

To add to this misery I got a Samsung Galaxy Android tablet from work. No, I am not complaining. I love it. But it gets me into a situation of whether I will spend money on an iPad or not….decisions decisions. I guess it depends how much I am going to like the iPhone and whether I really want to carry 2 phones, 2 tablet PCs and one laptop with me…. – ok I stop. Even the thought of two phones annoys me already….

I guess this pretty much sums up the week. A good week. A positive week!

We had friends over this afternoon for some more birthday celebrations and adult catch up. Life seems to be on hold sometimes. I was just told that a birthday party I vividly remember was already 2 years ago. Where has time gone. With the job, the two kids, now the house and all, I think that Christmas is just around the corner πŸ˜‰

Scary thought!

Have a good one,

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Even if I do not have an i-phone yet….

The coolest application I have seen so far is the ibeer πŸ˜‰


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