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Buddhism and Islands

In my daily newsletter, the following quote was displayed the other day: Awake and rejoice in watchfulness. Understand the wisdom of the enlightened. By watching keenly and working hard, the wise one may build himself an island which no flood can sweep away. The thoughtless man does not care, but the attentive man looks on wakefulness as his greatest treasure. Meditate, and in your wisdom realize nirvana, the highest happiness. Dhammapada I used to write those blog posts over at Balamadana but haven’t for a while. So I would like to share it here. My Island Theory kind of fits with the above. It states that you move from island to island in order to develop, and only settle when you are where your body is in 100% harmony with your spirit. The wise man building himself the island he can develop in. No one can touch him or his thoughts whilst he moving up through personal development. And, the island becomes a nice analogy for your little space. Doesn’t it? If you are interested in the theory, let me know. It is a bit out of date, and I believe the download link doesn’t work anymore. Love and Kindness,

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Island Theory – revisited

In May 2008 I published my essay “Island Theory“. You can still download it on my website forpersonal development and coaching – cb consulting. Over the last few months I was wondering how far this theory still holds up and whether it is in need for a re-vamp. I thought I try to summarise what I think the theory says. 1. We go from island to island and the more islands we have conquered, the more experience we have, the more tools we have, the easier the step from one island to another. 2. Islands can be parts of life, part of a year, part of a project or just the whole life. 3. Eventually you get to an island and you settle there. And, you can build upon your experience and build a nice big home. 4. You settle on an island and build bridges to other islands. You get people to connect to you. So, based on this short essay and the major 4 points I would like to challenge the idea a bit. Lets say you have achieved a home, a house, the dream job and network of friends and family that connect to you. You are

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Personal Development Essay – Island Theory

If you follow the link you find my essay on Personal Development – Island Theory. I wrote about it in my blog before. 6th of March about Islands 22nd of March about Islands 27th of March, the story of the Prince and the Magician Please leave comments and feedback, I am looking forward to a great discussion. Volker Ballueder

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