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job search in the recession

Having started my new job, I wanted to wrap up a few thoughts on how to find a job in a recession. Is it easy? First of all, nothing is easy and it all depends on 2 main factors: 1) your personal profile and 2) the industry you are in. Given my professional profile which you can see on Linkedin, I was in a good position when I was made redundant from my old employer who I was working with for just short of 18 months. It was decided to close down the sales operations and the office in London. I was not able to relocate to the head office in York due to personal reasons and therefore didn’t have a choice but to look for a new job. My advantage was that my boss did know that I was looking for a job so that I could use all means of social media. If you secretly look for a job, you cannot put it into your Linkedin profile as a status update. What really works? I believe having a strong profile on Linkedin supported by as many positive recommendations on the profile helps employers and recruitment consultants to get

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