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Sunday Column (427)

This week was different. In a good way I suppose, given it started out with a lovely Sunday meal with the family. We celebrated my wife’s birthday and her finishing yet another half marathon. Well done. I am very proud of her achievements. I originally wanted to eat a salad but ended up with some nice winter warming comforting Pizza – so much about losing weight again. My training is going well, yet before the 24 hour race I should really shed a few more kilos. I guess consistency with weight exercise is needed and more discipline on the food side of things. I am trying. Maybe not hard enough but pushing myself in regards to making sure to complete three 10K runs a week.

On Tuesday/Wednesday I attended an internal conference where eating and drinking healthy wasn’t an option really. I mean, knowing HR is reading my blog ;-), there is always an option, but less discipline I guess. One night to make friends with up to 180 people from our international territory. That’s a lot of people to meet, a lot of networking. A great event though and speaking as well as listening to our CEO was encouraging. I love what I am doing and believe this company is right. We are on a journey and it is a journey I enjoy. People I enjoy. Amazing technology. We are winning. And no, I am not only writing this since HR is listening in. I am writing this as I think there are similarities between my CEO, my MD and myself. This sounds weird, but besides the early morning routines (this sounds weird, doesn’t it), we also seem to understand and enjoy business. Different level of experience of course and backgrounds, and motivations, but overall I can spot a theme. That’s amazing.

I had probably one of the shortest commutes from the conference. It happened in Brighton. So when I got home Wednesday afternoon I caught up on some sleep and then on some work. The next day I was back at my 5 am routine. It killed me at the conference given I was in bed very late and naturally woke by 5, but on Thursday my 10K was refreshing. I started my physio exercises again and taking ibuprofen, so I am hopeful to get on top of my leg pain soon. I also had 9 hours sleep that night which helped immensely to get back to normal.

The remainder of the week was rather busy. A lot of things to organise, conferences to prepare, personal stuff to sort out. Two weeks out from my citizenship ceremony, which I found out is free of charge after all, the government agreed that the status of EU citizens would not change post Brexit. I feel at ease knowing that soon I don’t have to worry about it anymore. No one likes dealing with government processes I don’t think. So putting it all to an end to apply for a passport will be nice. A bit of closure. Britain is home for me. Here is where my family is and here is where I belong.

Trains seem to run fine at the moment. I don’t want to jinx it but since I started my job 6 weeks ago, I can take a direct train again to get to the office for 9 am. That is nice. An easier commute, reliable most days and a more convenient one. However, the train is older and doesn’t cope that well with the old tracks. So slightly more uncomfortable. I find myself typing this blog on Thursday morning. A sunny day, a windy day. The wind woke me up a few times at night. Winter is not quite gone yet, and according to the calendar spring wont’ t start until 21 March. Despite my wife thinking it is the 1st of March. I look forward to the summer, to more fun with the boys. outside, sitting on the patio. To enjoy nature and nature’s warmth. To connect with the roots. But let’s not get sentimental.

Life has been good to us. I am pleased and happy with what we have. My life as a whole. The challenges it comes with. The love from my boys and discussions we have. The challenges we work through as parents. The ‘treadmill weekends’ of going to parties and entertaining the family. I enjoy to be able to help, to make a difference to things. I am content yet hungry for more. I am eager to step up and take on more. And hopefully I will eventually. With patience, consistency and integrity, I am confident to take things further. Life is great.

Have an amazing week ahead.

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Sunday Column (306)

Another week. At time of writing this post, second time around due to the WordPress app not saving the draft, I am sitting on a cold carriage on the 7.29 from Brighton.

This train became famous this week, as it was in the press. I have been complaining about it a lot before, that we always arrive 10 minutes late, but rumours now have it this train is never on time. Even the Prime Minister got involved and journalists flocked on the train to interview people. Allegedly it is on time less than 30% of all journeys. A bit appalling.

It leads me to my most favourite subject, which I was trying to avoid. The train system is in shambles. Worst about it, at least to my mind, is the reliance on the train. Whilst I believe the majority of the population commutes by car, the ones that commute by train, and particular for an hour or more like myself, need to rely on it. With close to a month’s salary this service is not worth what we pay for. The constant rail fare increase without the felt modernisation isn’t fair or value for money, whilst we are stuck without alternatives. And I suppose that is where my grief comes from: I have no choice but to use a highly priced service that doesn’t offer value for money.

Maybe a lifestyle change is in order? A local job, working from home or for a sole online business? Not being able to rely on trains, on a service, which you are dependent on, e.g. you don’t have an alternative for, is crippling. We are in 2015 not 1896.

Never mind. It sometimes makes for good yet boring and repetitive conversation. Sometimes, you get more work done before you arrive in the office. But no 9 am meetings. I am restricted by my train company. The argument of course is to get an earlier train which there are two: one leaves 9 minutes earlier and arrives 10 minutes earlier but is totally full, no seat and standing only for an hour. The one I take has plenty of table seats, from carriage 2 downwards. So quite a luxurious travel in comparison to some services (see, it isn’t all bad). The other direct, earlier alternative train is 50 minutes earlier, yet somewhat it gets me into the office too early, I miss out on breakfast with the children and would have to restructure my whole day. Of course, a train in between would be great, but I don’t say that because it is necessary but because the late running of our service makes it a necessity almost. In other words, bring the “7.29” in on time and we are all happy or make it 10 minutes early to arrive late on the current scheduled time?!

I guess this week was about trains. Much better than the draft I had before. Next week my air travel starts again. Also, whilst physical transport, my physio seems to pay off with less problems and pains during my 10K runs which I do twice a week. It all moves in the right direction.

steve jobs

I have been up early to do the physio and do it regularly, together with my weight training. I am back to the weight I had 6 months ago! It comes to show that routine and habit is what drives a base line efficiency. I will cover more about that over at tidWOWS in due course. A 5 am start followed by some gentle physio and a bench press session whilst catching up on productivity podcasts set me up nicely for the day. The only drawback is that the kids usually wake up the moment I finish showering, so I am missing almost an hour of early morning writing and meditating. Having said that, to spend the first hour of your day with the two most important people in the world is something I am truly grateful for! I can always work on the train… I very much enjoy the time in the morning. As it happens they sleep longer on the days I take the dog out for an hour in the morning, so it makes me question if they might know?

So back to 2015 and the now. I am pushing forward. Productivity, meeting A-Players and thinking about the future, defining the strategy, my strategy. I am refining my strategy. Improving. Pushing further forward. Becoming and being an A-player.

Life is good. I enjoy what I am doing, the space I operate in. This was a good week!

Have a fantastic 7 days ahead of you, make sure you make the most of every single one.

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Sunday Column (257)

An exciting week lies behind me. I started my new job with a trip to Eindhoven and a day in Amsterdam, flying back late on Wednesday. The UK was full of storm and rain. I sat on the plane and felt like I arrived: A new challenge to evangelise, position and sell targeting in real time based on TV ads triggering the delivery. A new chapter in the RTB (real time bidding) ecosystem. Connecting broadcast to online ads. Yes, I am very excited!

We came a long way in our industry, and more technology is now enabling us to do more sophisticated things, to make ads more relevant to the users. As I like to tell my stories, four years ago a company that recently filed an IPO still worked off excel sheets. So the rumours anyway. For me this stands as a testament that the industry came a long way, a very long way and is slowly but surely growing up. Pure awesomeness 😉

Another thing I am equally excited about is tomorrow, my son’s third birthday. It feels like no time since he was born. He still doesn’t sleep through but charms himself through everything, cuteness 10/10 we were told. There is going to be lots of fun ahead as he grows older.


Whilst travelling I enjoyed an app called “7 quick fit“, an app allowing you to do strength exercises only using your own body weight, finishing 30 second long stints of push ups, jumping jacks etc. in 7 minutes. Ideal when travelling and yet still exhausting. I enjoyed it and might do it more often, potentially additionally to my gym sessions. We shall see. I also would like to find a sauna routine as (miraculous) I haven’t been ill yet. Both my new boss and colleagues have had the flu, also my wife and kids. But I am in a lot better shape than I was before Christmas. 2014 WILL be my fittest year (ever) yet.

If there was anything to moan about this week it would have to be Easyjet’s flight from Amsterdam to London Gatwick. I couldn’t get speedy boarding, ending up in the back of the plane. The flight then was delayed by 35 minutes and with such a short flight one hardly get anything finished, almost not even the glass of red 😉 Luckily the service was switched on and quick…

Tube strikes. Transport problems. Bad weather. We just cannot control everything, can we? I am working hard to accept the fact to not being able to and not getting annoyed at situations you cannot change. Having had a few days off really helped me to improve my state of mind. With the help of my coach I feel like I achieved everlasting change. That was the aim. 2014 will be awesome and already is!

Is life that simple? Surely not. A friend’s dad passed away this week. Cancer. It reminds me of posts I wrote before that we need to really try and prevent diseases by living healthy, staying active and eating well. But even then there is no guarantee that we will be spared. My thoughts are with his family.

As I famously wrote before, from Buddhism, the suffering stops for the one that leaves us and our pain increases. We are still here and need to cope with the endless suffering.

Let me finish here for this week. I got a day off to celebrate tomorrow and I tell you, I am so looking forward to it!!! The best present is the one from me (no bias), a remote controlled monster truck. It is so much fun to play with it….. :-))

Have a fantastic week.


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Sunday Column (233)

Thank you.

Thank you first of all for your compliments and the visits and comments on my post about the job hunt. A lot of people felt for me, had similar experience, and were astonished how open and honest I was describing my feelings and experiences. It could happen to you. Why not talk about it?

Thank you for your support. All of you!

I am humbled. When I started this blog, I wanted to write about productivity and coaching. I tried different topics but ended up writing about me, my life and my feelings. I am happy it resonates with you. I am happy that you are finding it useful. This means a lot to me!


This week saw me returning to work. Start-up. Technology. Media. Lots to do, prioritisation, focus and energy needed. I got it. Making it back to my 5 am exercise routine, my Rotary meetings and new projects. The company is called Adizio. The first week felt like I have been there for ages already. Just imagine me in a few months 😉

Also there is a book I read about personal development: What got you here won’t get you there. Last but not least my involvement with the advisory board for ad:tech and iMedia. Both events which I supported over the years (not least launched ad:tech in Germany many years ago), and events that will be getting more popular again and delivering on what the industry wants. Watch this space!


Often people ask me where I take the time from to write my posts, do all of what I am doing and more. I sleep but not more than six hours really. I have two hours train journey each day to GTD (Getting Things Done), and I can be very disciplined. I have drive. I want to get somewhere.

What am I aiming for? I guess I want to change the world. A bit at a time. I would like to make the famous dent into the universe of which Steve Jobs spoke. Things grow over my head too. But I am learning to focus more. I like pushing myself, and the recent break helped me to reflect. And for my job? I want to make RTB mainstream and transparent, away from ‘black magic and hidden margins’. Oh yes, I am motivated 🙂

Anyway, it is weekend, and time to spend as much time as possible with my boys. A night in the tent is planned. Not being able to see them in the week make weekends even more precious. Particularly if they are long ones. I can now properly focus on them. No worries about jobs. No worries but the boys and the wife!

Enough said. I hope you had a great weekend, and hope you spend some quality time with some loved ones too. We had great fun, and ….

….don’t forget, we ain’t back to work until Tuesday 🙂


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Sunday Column (228)

I started this column sitting in an air conditioned Starbucks, my home when I am in town these days. Water, coffee, vanilla ice drinks. My hiding place, place to charge my phone and connect to free wifi. What else to ask for?

The air conditioning is probably the main one this week. Not that we should complain about the weather in Britain, but it seems extreme. Too hot, too wet, too windy. There seems to be no constant in the weather. Given it is an island and hence you have more changing weather, I am not surprised the weather is the most talked about thing in the country.


However, Britain is not build to cope with either extremes: snow or heat waves. Most people cannot enjoy a hot summer and if you are in a city it drains you massively. Having said that, my juice diet from earlier this week really helped me to stay active, not to waste energy on digesting food, and hopefully it helped to detox a bit too. I am less bothered to sleep badly, and I am not surprised the kids don’t sleep well. Bad luck for those that booked a summer holiday in Spain, you could have saved the money by going to St. James’s Park instead.

That is what I did this week. I finished a few meetings early and went back down memory lane. It was the first park I saw in London, and the first one I spent a lot of hours in during my lunch breaks at my first job. It was also the park I spent all my breaks in (if any) when launching a start up over 3.5 years ago. This place is somewhat a natural place for me to go to and reflect, relax and clear my head. Difficult in 33 degrees Celsius though.

I finished most of my consulting jobs this week but might take in a smaller project or two shortly. All depends… Life is full of surprises and whilst we often, at least I do not, understand the meaning until much later in life, a lot of things happen for a reason. People you meet. People you watch. Reactions you get. For instance, from back this last winter, I owed a cobbler down the street from my work a cup of tea. He repaired something for free. I never got around doing it, so went back this week and he was super surprised and pleased I came back. But why wouldn’t I? Sometimes it takes a while for things to make sense, to be the right time etc. This week was the week. A few good deeds I did. I am trying to improve my karma, be a better person and contribute more. Daily.

I have tried to spend more quality time with the kids too. This has worked only with some success as I had a super busy week. When you are looking for a job it is an all day business where you are busy all day. It is like working for yourself, selling yourself constantly, building a pipe line and making things happen. One day I will go back to a routine, for better or for worse.

On another note, at Rotary this week, we listened to a talk about South Korea and its people’s dedication to support their country by working hard, giving beyond expectations, deliver quality and even, to bail out the government, donating jewellery to raise money. An identification and dedication unheard of which results in companies like Hyundai or Samsung being market leaders in what they do. I suppose closest would have been Germany’s commitment after the 2nd world war to rebuild the country, again similar to Korea after their war.


It makes me philosophise and reconnect to my Buddhist thoughts this week where I mentioned that anything you do, see or feel is in your mind. And you control your mind. You can achieve anything if you believe in it. Believe! Make it happen!

Making it happen brings me to another topic: my job hunt. Whilst I am maybe a bit picky with which company I want to work for, I found what I thought was an exciting tech company. However, after 2 weeks and an offer they withdrew that and so I will venture on to the next opportunity. Like a Stehaufmaennchen, the game isn’t over until the ball is in the net. The contract not signed until the ink is dry on the paper. Not unheard of but bad business practise to withdraw an offer, but whatever reasons they had, the ones they told me were unreasonable. I wish them best of luck, and as I keep saying, things happen for a reason.

Onwards and Upwards. Maybe time to set up on my own after all.

So watch this space.

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Sunday Column (227)

IMG_1733 What else could you wish for but a week of sunshine. It takes a toll on body, sleeping habits and water consumption, but hey, this is good, right? Why complain about a heat wave we were waiting for for many years? And, I am still off work and can enjoy it.

To cover the job hunt: It is, as always in a small community of digital marketing, a balancing act. You don’t want to jeopardise people’s friendships over favours. But friendships outlast company gigs. It is about you, the whole life is about you and not the association with a product. Once you realise that, choosing becomes easier. Having said that, there is one cutting edge product/company I’d like to work for 🙂

When I think cutting edge, pushing boundaries and making things happen, I keep getting back to this free fall pictures from Redbull/Felix Baumgartner. I cannot say how much I am impressed by this guy and his attitude to stress, personal development, making things happen, getting things done. Wow.

I have had a lot of time to reflect over the past few weeks. I heard stories from old colleagues, feedback from them and so on. I believe the worst thing sometimes is to get confirmation that some thoughts you have are right. And the thing I need to learn, still, is to let go. I am not talking about my old company but about life in general. Don’t hang on to things you missed or what could have been. Also, be confident about your knowledge, trust your gut and be prepared to stand up for your opinion. We all make mistakes, but take the step, make the decision for better or for worse. Don’t look back but forward. Be bold. Let go and focus on yourself, your life, as this is the important bit. Everything else will sort itself out, so don’t waste your energy on other people’s problems but make them part of your solution. Hope that makes sense. It is a bit like an energy exchange.

What you are made of, what you want to achieve in life, and what defines you doesn’t always have to be related to your work. For me it often does and I enjoy working. Always have done and the next position won’t be different. I enjoy building new things, driving things forward, making things happen and working my butt off. That’s me. Hands on. Networking. I almost think that for the past few years I neglected some things. I need to improve that. Who do I think I am having figured it all out. There is so much more to learn. And now is the time, I enjoy learning.

Another thing that made me think this week was Joe Cross who fastened with fruit and vegetable juices for 60 days, lost lots of weight, and cured himself from a disease. The body is capable of curing itself if you give it the opportunity. If you having a roller coaster ride you eat for comfort, you ease your stress with alcohol or you smoke. That is not the way forward, convenience food will kill you! I will try parts of that diet and wish I had seen this when I first took voluntary redundancy as I could have tried this out for the past 60 days. I could be quite slim and really fit now 🙂

Another quote I came across this week says: Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion. I couldn’t agree more and cannot wait to follow my passion! It is about positive stress, so defined by a close friend and mentor, enjoying the strain you have and turning it into passion, and ultimately profit. Onwards and upwards, let’s get things done.

On that note, the kids love learning and asking things too. Colin for instance said the other day: look dad, the sky has the same colour as the ocean. It will take a couple of years for him to understand how everything is connected but it is so good recapping it for yourself and appreciating how complex life is. Don’t get too hung up on it though. It might just do your head in trying to explain a few things but isn’t it great to help the little explorers to conquer life and understand it? I enjoy being a teacher, dad and mentor. Family life really eases in at the moment, I enjoy being around the wee people. I even managed two hours with R the other day. Not easy but I managed. I cannot wait to see them grow up and being able to support them. Make their life the best they can have. And they will decide how to define that of course, however showing them the odd shortcut will help either way.

Maybe a bit of a reflective post this week. I hope you understand. Putting things into perspective is very important for me, not taking everything for granted. That is true for work, life, family and health. I want to be around to see my kids grow up.

Btw, you might have noticed that I changed my profile picture. Do you like it or do I look too serious?

Have a great week,

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Sunday Column (222)

Another quick week because I have been busy. Looking for a job, trying to engage with the family and having a part-time project is a lot harder work than going to work it seems. This is not to moan but you have to chase every lead if you are looking for the right next job, talk to recruiters and have interviews. This is very time consuming but of course very important to do. Necessary even.

There is a lot of pressure on me finding a job. If you accept redundancy you usually aren’t in a hurry, and financially this might be right. However, when your wife and children have one routine and you have another, you have different expectations on how your day plans out than them. This can cause friction. So the rush, whilst still money driven, is also for the ease of routine to master life in bigger strides. Monday mornings get a whole new meaning 😉


At the moment, trying to fit in a dentist or making time for the pub seems difficult, yet it comes down to planning around those dates. What if an interview crops up then? Prioritising is key. So at time if writing I am on my way into London again. A few meetings and the Rotary. Tomorrow I am going back for a conference to network and speak with people there about more opportunities. It will be good, a great industry get together.

The weekends are planned to a certain extend. Summer is in town and I can hear the sausages sizzling on the BBQ this weekend. A summer fayre at the local school, and Colin’s first swimming class. Actually it was a great weekend. With a massage, Colin’s first proper swimming class, a fun summer fayre and great BBQ with friends. Lots of sunshine and a great walk on the Ditchling Beacon to round it up.

The world seems at ease, a cool breeze blowing over the growing grass, and a quiet environment strengthen that we made the right decision to buy so far out of London. Saturday marked the one year mark. A year ago we moved to Hassocks, had a small but significant building project and lots of plans. Some came true, some we are working on. We are happy, it is a good place to bring up the kids, good schools, high living value what Germans call “Freizeitwert“. Cycling, mountain biking to be precise, swimming, walking or hiking and the small butcher down the road, the play farm, the old pub, local produce for food and drink. It reminds me of childhood, safety, peace and contentment. Life is good if you stop a second and have a look at it you will discover it too. The smell of freshly cut grass, the local boy delivering the paper.

I enjoy life but despite my situation I am almost too busy. I need to learn how to let go more often, to put the phone down and live the moment. Being in the here and now. Helping Colin to learn cycling. Teach Rohan to be less of a ‘pickle’ and let him teach me patience. The list goes on 🙂

I picked up this quote from a newsletter this week: If we choose a job because we’re good at it, we may not love to do it. But if we choose a job we love, we’ll also be very good at it. Like Steve Jobs quote that if we find the thing we want to do in life, we will know it, in our heart! My next job is really important to me. I would like to do something that is cutting edge, with prospects to grow big and really enjoy it. Some place I can try some new things out based on trust (and analysis and strategy of course) to make a difference to the company and put it on the map. I am ready for the next fight to disturb the industry.

Anyway. For now I am exhausted. A long weekend finishes and we got some catching up to do before I have a few big days planned next week – including Colin’s 4th birthday. It seems like yesterday him being in the moses basket, 36 degrees inside the living room (a hot summer!), and I was hunting for a job too. Life works in mysterious ways.

Embrace it.

Have a great week,

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Sunday Column (219)

This week’s Sunday Column has been written a bit in a rush to be honest. I have been at a whisky show in Saturday, enjoying a few drams. Sunday I first went to the park with the boys and then to a 4th birthday party where it was very sunny. I really enjoyed family time today.

I have been reflecting on this blog a bit. It is going for 6 years and I have changed direction, style, columns and regular features. This blog is an outlet for my thoughts and interests. The close friend will notice when I am unhappier and when I am happier but the general public might not notice. And this hasn’t always to do with work, we all have mood swings for various reasons. However I like to think of me being balanced and calm, not a shouting or loud person. I like talking about life and the blog is an outlet.

Since I got a bit more time flexibility at the moment, I noticed by writing a book that it helps me to process things. I enjoy writing and voicing my opinion, never aiming to offend anyone.


This quote is very true and kind of matches my situation. I have this nagging voice saying to find a job whilst there is another voice in my head saying, now is your chance to do something by yourself. What has life in store for me? I trust the universe and things to fall into place. I believe things happen for a reason and also believe in Karma. However, I don’t rely on it. I am not sitting at home waiting for things to happen. I am proactive, make use of my time and work on concepts and plans to pursue. And maybe the big job is around the corner or if not, I might do my own thing or some interim work. I am 3 weeks out of my job and every day I discover new opportunities of different kinds. It is amazing and one needs to focus on the right ones, having a lot of patience. You don’t have one interview and a job, in my line of work and position a row of interviews are essential from both sides.

Patience: I am practising. Passion I got. Drive to succeed, learning how a product works, understanding the space I am operating in. I want and will succeed in whatever I do because I give 110%. I am passionate about work. That doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes or know everything.


Of course I am selling myself here (why wouldn’t I?) – but the bottom line is that you will always have a challenge in any part of a job you haven’t had before. I want to learn more and I am passionate about management. That’s what my book is about. But after almost 10 years in the job, having an MBA and a fast track career, I still need to learn. The next 10 years will be very exciting for me. I cannot quite grasp the path ahead of me, but I am excited about it already.

As the picture says. I put in the work. And even my grandmother used to say: “Volker you are going to be ok. You work hard and you get along with people.” I will never forgot that. A mantra.

And just to update the folks, the kids are great and we look forward to Colin’s birthday and the holidays. And they enjoy me being around more although I have been very busy. To bath them. And to mend the train tracks, and to mend the toys. All clouds have a silver lining 🙂

Love and Kindness to you all,

PS: I didn’t touch on my philosophy Buddhism but all thoughts are pre written. I might change that column to something else this summer. We shall see. Writing a blog can be work too 🙂 but I love it.

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Sunday Column (217)

Another fantastic week is behind me. Why fantastic?

It was my birthday! If you haven’t congratulated me, you better do so now 🙂 Just kidding, actually I don’t really care about my birthday. And, to be honest, why should I celebrate? Due to a restructure at work I took redundancy. This was a bit unexpected, so not the nicest birthday present. But, as I am a very positive person, this change gives me plenty of time for the family and on the other hand it is a great time to get stuck in all of those pet projects that have been neglected for far too long. So watch this space on some developments.


So what am I up to now?

Honestly, I am doing quite a few things. I started working on this book I wanted to write for ages. So if I continue with this pace I might be able to finish it by….Christmas maybe. Just kidding, hopefully a lot sooner. Then I do some freelance consulting work, including some event stuff. I have been working freelance for a long time but have neglected my cb consulting project for far too long. So I am back pitching myself as digital consultant and performance coach. Whilst doing that I scan the daily job board for any news and see whether there is a full time position to go back to. Latter is most probably what I am going to do in the long term, but for now I enjoy the freedom and flexibility I have. With the weather getting better, I enjoy the time with the boys. Juggling all that isn’t as easy as you might think it is.

Of course I work on my diet and exercise programme too. I now got the time…you might think. Actually the more smaller projects you juggle, the less time you have. On Saturday I even fitted the new kitchen tap. Only took me four hours. I am actually struggling for time to get everything done I want whilst still attend to the family. Also this week I made it to London town for two days to meet people, discuss projects and see how things are. Catching up with friends is good and it is often neglected whilst being in full time work.

So as you can see it is the new me. I am a lot more positive and full of energy than I have been for a long time. And I truly believe things happen for a reason. People you meet, you don’t meet, you miss, you hear from etc. at those moments you realise how amazing life actually is. And who your real friends are. The weather is getting better and I connect a lot more with the kids, playing and just being there when they are around. Listening to the birds, watching nature, explaining things. Perfect harmony. Could we wish for anything more in life?

I know this won’t last forever and the daily grind will (hopefully) soon catch up with me again. But wouldn’t it be nice looking back in a few months saying I got a lot of quality family time out of this break, made new friends, got lots of my todos done and lived the moment? No it’s not always the easiest to enjoy it but I surely try.

In that sense I will chill out tonight. I got a lot of plans for next week.

Have a great one.

Stop at the next flower you see, take a deep breath in, smell life and think about if you enjoy life. Take two minutes to remind yourself you are alive. Remind yourself that you are here for a reason. And that in the end everything is going to be ok. If things are not ok, it isn’t the end yet. So stay positive, live in the now and enjoy what you have!

Love and kindness,

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Sunday Column (194)

The only wealth in this world is children; more than all the money, power on earth, you are my treasure. The Godfather III

As cheesy as it might sound, it couldn’t be more true. Annoyingly, I wrote this post on my flight back from Madrid this week but WordPress allowed it to be deleted. Hence I need to recap what I was writing. But I was thinking about my job and travelling. Nothing major.

I have been VP International Sales for a year. Hence the recap maybe. Sounds like a great title, however titles are not all that important. The role and responsibility for me is the key to any role. I could be a sales manager for that matter as long as I had enough responsibility and could make enough decisions. Having been the first satellite office for my company and very knowledgable ( 🙂 ), working in the most advanced market in Europe for RTB, I got the task to help the local Country Managers in Italy and Spain to get off the ground. It is a fantastic and challenging role allowing for much growths and development.

Visiting Madrid shows me that they don’t need me very often. Whilst I can still help and be useful, I am obviously still important in some senior meetings showing face whilst reducing the busy schedule for my CEO. So all good. But the ground work is done I suppose.

However, additionally to travelling the world I also still run the UK office. Quite a challenge and busy life. With the whole travel comes the sacrifice for the family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and what I do, but getting up at the crack of dawn to fly to Southern Europe, be away for a night and then back again, arriving usually late at night, can be quite exhausting. Also the boys are missing me. Not that I see them a lot during the week, they just know I am not at home 🙁 I am happy to make the sacrifice but probably preferred to be away longer and focus more on travel. In return I would have a few days working from home and travel less regularly if that makes sense. Not sure it does.

Enough about my job. After celebrating my friend’s birthday on Monday night, I felt a bit tired on Tuesday. I just can’t have more than two pints on a school night. Age I suppose. My back on a positive note is improving a lot, and once another cold has passed, I will be back in training. I am eager to get stuck into my exercise routine again and loose another few pounds that I then can fill up at Christmas without regret 😉


Looking at my life I am very happy. A good job as described above, a healthy amount of travelling, and reasonable if not in comparison good health. I am on an upward spiral again with my back and soon running routine. Things look good. Changes that I anticipate in the next couple of months are looking bright too. Of course that is all subject to change. But Christmas is around the corner, more time off.

But the joy is my family. Seeing my wife and my dad decorate together whilst I watched the kids with my mum gave me some really good time with the kids. Taking the oldest to school, watching TV, going for walks. Family is where it all comes together. Challenges. Love. Passion. Fear.

I couldn’t do it all without a family. Life would be boring and simple. There weren’t any challenges. Also, getting a night or so away from home every now and then really helps improve my sleep schedule. I had Friday, Monday and Tuesday off. I enjoy the time. Even without proper lie ins and it being hard work to watch my kids all day, just being with them makes me happy.

We then finished the garden this weekend and the downstairs WC is almost finished. I need to find proper before/after pictures and will publish them here soon.

Have a happy week yourself.

Best wishes,

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