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Sunday Column (220)

This week started out very slowly which I kind of enjoyed. My project got postponed to September which means I could slow down a bit and focus on other things I wanted to sort out for a long time. This was really to de-clutter. First of all I de-cluttered my Facebook news feed. Too much stuff you follow, you like and don’t really care about. Then I did the same for twitter, removing a few people I followed, then my Google Reader feed which I moved to Feed.ly. I wanted to decrease the background noise, the noise that constantly keeps you thinking you are missing something despite the fact you didn’t miss anything. Nice to feel a bit more at ease, and less disturbed. I also de-cluttered a few books, old pictures and “stuff” you carry around. Good to do a spring clean 🙂 I also managed to spend more time with the family this week. Despite interviews and interview preparations, I managed to go swimming with them, went to the park and also entertained Rohan for 2 hours (!). He is a wee pickle, so I found those hours very intense, really not used to him being full on.

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