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Sunday Column (103)

It has been 10 days. 10 days since our latest addition, Rohan, came to us. And it has changed our life once again. Not only do we need a 4×4 pram, we also have another sleeping rhythm, or no sleep at all. Whilst it is not too bad for daddy, as Jen is breast feeding, I still wake up and mummy doesn’t sleep at all. The wee man is very hungry, wants milk all day and all night, so I am hopeful that he won’t look that skinny soon. However, the lack of sleep is causing strain of course. Then we got a new gadget. A humidifier: it is nice to have more humidity in the room, use it to vaporize lavender incense, and the room seems to heat up quicker too. So all around another a nice gadget for the Ballueder family. I have used the past couple of days to relax. But unfortunately there has been some work I needed to do, and get out of the way. Some things cannot be left alone. I also tried to get on top of my private todo list and worked on some productivity decks, some theories and tried to catch

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