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Success – Positive Giving

After interviewing a good friend and successful entrepreneur on my podcast Stories of Success, he sent me an article and a link to the positive encourager website, which I read with great interest. Success, so far looking at only a few definitions from my podcast’s guests, has to do with encouraging people positively during our time on this planet. I phrase this a certain way on purpose, this is for the greater good of human kind, and NOT about short term financial gains. It’s about the great unconscious (Carl Jung) and the bigger picture. It is about finding people’s strengths, develop practical strategies and achieve their picture of success. THEIR success, is what THEY want to achieve. To be loved, live in peace, achieve a career, or whatever it might be. The same, according to Mike Pegg, who is the man behind the positive encourager, can be applied to teams and organisations. So in that context, we are looking at superb work, forming good habits (see my book), to provide a good service, achieve goals, and finish those activities successfully? As I go through Mike’s website, and I encourage you to do the same if you are interested, I find

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Sunday Column (313)

Now it is March. I finished another 10K run outside last weekend, and probably by time of posting another one. As usual I am ahead of writing posts, and I have been travelling to Paris this week. Next week it is Hamburg again. Then one more trip before Easter. The finish of Q1 came around quickly. It also looks like spring is in the air. It is all good, but times are busier than usual in Q1. A new spring for the economy maybe? I have been thinking at lot these past weeks. About life, life’s goals and all. I read the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. Not a new book or new principles and it almost seems as if I have read it many years ago, but it gives you a kick in the butt. For what do you want to be remembered? Why do you put focus on where you put focus on? Why do you procrastinate, or waste your time watching the news? Give a 100%. Every Time. Always strive to achieve your goals. Work on your goals: what are they? What do you want to achieve in life? Reduce the clutter, stop reading the news. For

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