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Sunday Column (510)

I wanted to publish a different post this week. As you can imagine I have a lot of thoughts and love writing to comprehend them, to work through new input I am getting from podcasts, work and life in general. That’s one of my things. My creative outlet. So there are always a few posts in the pipeline. But then a few things happened which made me think, and I wanted to share those thoughts.

After last weekend’s 20 mile run, I wanted to run 22 miles on Friday. However, I came down with the man flu, aka as a common cold, and therefore didn’t run. I guess I am ready to go the marathon distance already, but will have to do a 22 mile run before the event. Hopefully I am better by next weekend to tackle that one.
And, we are lucky with the dry weather. The crystal clear air, filled with cobwebs and mist, that slowly burns away by a low standing sun. It’s mystical almost. One of my most favourite times of the year, and I was told that San Francisco is like that all year around. Wouldn’t that be nice?

In Germany we celebrated the reunification, it must have been 29 years since the wall came down. We plan a trip to Germany again soon. I want to show the boys the fatherland, introduce them to Berlin, some history. I couldn’t imagine to ever go back and live there but I want to at least experience it. So as a matter of fact, I am looking forward to it. Hope the boys and the family will like it too.

A podcast I recorded with a German living in Los Angeles this week, brought up the topic of greater German (or any nation’s) collective unconscious. Allegedly it takes 7 generations (or 140 years) for it to clear. So Germans still look at the Great Depression and two worldwars in their collective unconscious. That would explain some of the stereotypes and values I see in myself as well, like a need for security, cautious, not wanting to make mistakes, and being the good person. Interesting isn’t it? Or it is over-interpretation? It’s difficult for me to compare that to any other nation of course. The inheritance of a nation or even family, I remember studying family constellations at university, is a highly sensitive yet fascinating topic. Watch out for the podcast with Conni when it goes live, I really enjoyed that conversation.

Life goes in cycles, and there is only one certainty. This week I learned that an industry friend died at the age of 49. When I attended the industry trade shows recently, I saw him and we had a chat. This week I also caught up with a mentor who had health problems when I was working for him. It was good to see he is better for now. Those moments are when you pause for a second, take a deep breath in, and breathe out. I don’t know about the exact circumstances, but I know that in our small industry I know a few people, and we are close. We look after each other, and it is always with great sadness to hear someone passing away or being ill. It affects me. One reflects on priorities, the focus we discussed a few weeks back. One thinks about their own lifestyle, health choices and how long one might have back on the clock. And then it’s business as usual, isn’t it?

So a bit of a melancholic week almost. Taking a flight on a Saturday missing a family weekend isn’t nice but to see a bit of the world prior to a conference makes up for it. Monsoon season though 🙁 A weekend to myself, 10 hours of uninterrupted time on a plane. To relax, reflect, write, read and sleep. What’s not to like?

I will tell you all about it next week. For now, have a great week, enjoy the autumn and stay well.


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Sunday Column (231)

This week passed exceptionally quickly. Being back from holidays, I had to go through 1,000 emails. Just kidding, I am still not back at work and have been doing some work over the two weeks I was away. However, I still had to catch up on opportunities, networked and met people this week.

I spent a fair amount of time in Brighton, networking with the digital industry there. I met someone who I should have met years ago I think. No, I am not only saying that, but I have been positively impressed to find likeminded people that want to build sustainable companies, with happy employees, rather than short lived VC backed ventures to be sold quickly. Of course there is nothing wrong with the latter, but some companies are just overhyped. And, I also believe you can combine both…..but maybe this is a whole topic in itself for another time.


It is good to meet likeminded people. People much higher in the food chain who went through redundancies. Shared learning, shared experience. They all moved on. People who travel, work on worldwide missions, internationally successful managers. Networking, it still works, and it is a lot of fun.

Also, I managed to spend quality family time. And quality friend time. My wife went to meet some friends, so I enjoyed the boys for the majority of Saturday. I again tried to seduce them with pizza. On that note I managed to cook some decent food this weekend, no take away! I still struggle to keep my youngsters entertained. I managed of course, and we built a space rocket and cycled.

I went back to my running routine, managed to have some veggie juice and feel like I am losing weight, resulting in me having less energy. If …. and only if I continue to keep that routine up, I am confident to shed just another few kilos and get a lot fitter. Less meat. No cheese. More juice. More muesli. No chocolate. No crisps. Much reduced booze consumption. Latter was exceptionally good this week. The meat was still consumed, no doubt you saw my pictures of pulled pork.

Happy days really. I feel like I am regaining some focus. That is good. It is a struggle to get started but will pay off long term.

We then started potty training for no. 2. Not an easy process. But we will get through that too. It is great to see the boys developing and growing up. Although we stopped the training again on Sunday.

The time I spend with them seems to give me a stronger bond, yet I am a bit apprehensive of going back to work, not seeing them during the week. But I guess, unless I work locally (or live locally in London), this isn’t really a choice. I suppose, and there is no regret, it is one of those lifestyle choices one has to make. And I would have to go back to work unless I won the lottery soon. I am looking forward going back to work, making a difference and giving my life a purpose. I love working, seriously do!

Overall a good week. I made some really good connections, and I met some really great people. Exciting times ahead.

Have a great week,

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