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Sunday Column (510)

I wanted to publish a different post this week. As you can imagine I have a lot of thoughts and love writing to comprehend them, to work through new input I am getting from podcasts, work and life in general. That’s one of my things. My creative outlet. So there are always a few posts in the pipeline. But then a few things happened which made me think, and I wanted to share those thoughts. After last weekend’s 20 mile run, I wanted to run 22 miles on Friday. However, I came down with the man flu, aka as a common cold, and therefore didn’t run. I guess I am ready to go the marathon distance already, but will have to do a 22 mile run before the event. Hopefully I am better by next weekend to tackle that one. And, we are lucky with the dry weather. The crystal clear air, filled with cobwebs and mist, that slowly burns away by a low standing sun. It’s mystical almost. One of my most favourite times of the year, and I was told that San Francisco is like that all year around. Wouldn’t that be nice? In Germany we celebrated the

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Sunday Column (231)

This week passed exceptionally quickly. Being back from holidays, I had to go through 1,000 emails. Just kidding, I am still not back at work and have been doing some work over the two weeks I was away. However, I still had to catch up on opportunities, networked and met people this week. I spent a fair amount of time in Brighton, networking with the digital industry there. I met someone who I should have met years ago I think. No, I am not only saying that, but I have been positively impressed to find likeminded people that want to build sustainable companies, with happy employees, rather than short lived VC backed ventures to be sold quickly. Of course there is nothing wrong with the latter, but some companies are just overhyped. And, I also believe you can combine both…..but maybe this is a whole topic in itself for another time. It is good to meet likeminded people. People much higher in the food chain who went through redundancies. Shared learning, shared experience. They all moved on. People who travel, work on worldwide missions, internationally successful managers. Networking, it still works, and it is a lot of fun. Also, I

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