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Sunday Column (506)

This week I listened to a podcast called. Transcende hosted by Jeff Riddle who I got introduced to a while back. Jeff and I had a good phone chat the other day discussing the way you can structure podcasts and exchanged some notes on learning around podcasts. Anyway, I listened to his episode this week. It was about finding peace with your parents and upbringing. I have gone through that, and won’t go into details here, but in life we make a lot of assumptions on what others think, and what is right or wrong, and how things are perceived. As I mentioned last week, the best advice I got in ages was to ‘not worry and live in the moment’ – have you tried it? It gives you almost a new perspective on life. Most of our thoughts and assumptions are, naturally, based on our perception and digestion of what we learn from our upbringing, with our parents being the biggest influence in life. It makes me think whether I have a good influence on mine…. The reason I share that is because I got a few comments from my post last week, wanting to constantly better myself. I

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Inspirational Thought: Do what you can

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ~ Teddy Roosevelt Yes, some motivation for this week. You only got what you have – use it. Maybe you are out of your comfort zone, maybe missing a few tools from your tool box, but boy can you hit the nail on its head. It is what you make of it. On some days you feel down, caught off guard, tired, ill or whatever. But you will have all the strength needed when it comes to it. Be there in the moment and make the most of it! Go – Go – Go Volker

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