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Sunday Column (253)

Where should I start. Let me maybe start with last weekend, and that I had to call in sick on Monday thanks to a stomach bug. It is like a never ending story this winter, I have had quite a few bugs. Having two little kids, the long commute on the train and exposure to lots of different people doesn’t seem to help. It is just that it happens at the wrong times, the weather is changing a lot and overall there seem to be more bugs going around. Whatever the reasoning, next year I will cure my first cold properly before running down my immune system. Also, having interrupted sleep since last summer due to the kids waking up doesn’t boost one’s immune system either. I was back at work on Tuesday, so all good. I caught up on loads of things this week and just this weekend I had to make a decision to book another day off for completely different reasons. Life. This year, as mentioned previously, is for me about personal and professional progress. It is for me about giving to others. And in that spirit, I am looking at a new project, like I looked

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