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Thursday Flash (25)


The One Morning Habit to Break to Create More Time in Your Day – have you thought about getting up early? And enjoy the moment rather than the moment or phone controlling you. Stop to smell the roses I say. Nothing is more satisfying to watch your kids sleeping.

Management and Emotions – I wrote my Master Thesis on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Showing emotions as a manager isn’t a bad thing. We are all humans, and I believe that honesty paired with real emotions, no fakeness, gets you a lot further than stabbing people in the back.

Willpower and motivation are key to success. Being able to focus on the most important task first and having the mindset to stick to it, is super important.

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Sunday Column (219)

This week’s Sunday Column has been written a bit in a rush to be honest. I have been at a whisky show in Saturday, enjoying a few drams. Sunday I first went to the park with the boys and then to a 4th birthday party where it was very sunny. I really enjoyed family time today.

I have been reflecting on this blog a bit. It is going for 6 years and I have changed direction, style, columns and regular features. This blog is an outlet for my thoughts and interests. The close friend will notice when I am unhappier and when I am happier but the general public might not notice. And this hasn’t always to do with work, we all have mood swings for various reasons. However I like to think of me being balanced and calm, not a shouting or loud person. I like talking about life and the blog is an outlet.

Since I got a bit more time flexibility at the moment, I noticed by writing a book that it helps me to process things. I enjoy writing and voicing my opinion, never aiming to offend anyone.


This quote is very true and kind of matches my situation. I have this nagging voice saying to find a job whilst there is another voice in my head saying, now is your chance to do something by yourself. What has life in store for me? I trust the universe and things to fall into place. I believe things happen for a reason and also believe in Karma. However, I don’t rely on it. I am not sitting at home waiting for things to happen. I am proactive, make use of my time and work on concepts and plans to pursue. And maybe the big job is around the corner or if not, I might do my own thing or some interim work. I am 3 weeks out of my job and every day I discover new opportunities of different kinds. It is amazing and one needs to focus on the right ones, having a lot of patience. You don’t have one interview and a job, in my line of work and position a row of interviews are essential from both sides.

Patience: I am practising. Passion I got. Drive to succeed, learning how a product works, understanding the space I am operating in. I want and will succeed in whatever I do because I give 110%. I am passionate about work. That doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes or know everything.


Of course I am selling myself here (why wouldn’t I?) – but the bottom line is that you will always have a challenge in any part of a job you haven’t had before. I want to learn more and I am passionate about management. That’s what my book is about. But after almost 10 years in the job, having an MBA and a fast track career, I still need to learn. The next 10 years will be very exciting for me. I cannot quite grasp the path ahead of me, but I am excited about it already.

As the picture says. I put in the work. And even my grandmother used to say: “Volker you are going to be ok. You work hard and you get along with people.” I will never forgot that. A mantra.

And just to update the folks, the kids are great and we look forward to Colin’s birthday and the holidays. And they enjoy me being around more although I have been very busy. To bath them. And to mend the train tracks, and to mend the toys. All clouds have a silver lining 🙂

Love and Kindness to you all,

PS: I didn’t touch on my philosophy Buddhism but all thoughts are pre written. I might change that column to something else this summer. We shall see. Writing a blog can be work too 🙂 but I love it.

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Coaching yourself

Not too long ago I wrote about career coaching in a recession. Now, things have changed a bit and I am revisiting some great coaching resources. Also, I should expand on the time line on when the coaching in a recession is most useful.

The question if you are in a situation, like I was many years ago, where you thought that nothing would move forward and your whole life is in shambles, you decide to coach yourself. Similar to Baron von Muenchausen who pulled himself out of the swamp.


Ideally I have some partner coaches I work with at cb consulting but sometimes, for smaller things, and my own dream fulfillment, I work with myself a lot. You need to be your own coach and chose mentors to work with.

As a coach you are always a leader at the same time. Leadership consists of skill, knowledge and being able to provide examples. You just cannot coach people without identifying their problems, knowing what to do and giving examples of how other people have done it, or how things would be in a similar situation. So you become a role model for your clients by being a good coach and doing what you know and be the one you are.

This sounds a bit weird. Maybe I expand on this. If you know how to pull yourself out of the swamp like Muenchhausen, then you know how to pull other people out too. You need to be confident and do the same things that you would do with clients to yourself. And, when you build up the skills and knowledge, you are the example for your clients.

This is growing into the role of a coach. You live your values and become a role model to your clients.

You need to identify
– your identity: passion, vision, ethics and doing that by being curious and observing yourself
– relationships with others: be curious about them, build rapport and set the standard needed
– facts: understand the facts and be creative in your approach, building new models

Now, if we look at the above, I cannot help but thinking of my current job as a manager. I have been managing for quite some time, additional to my coaching – or vice versa if you like.
Being a good manager also means to be a good coach.

First you need to know where you stand and know what you want, represent, what your goals and objectives are and how you can fulfil your role. This is usually done during the decision making progress of choosing a new job. Once the job has been chosen, you identify your role in more detail and set up an action plan, targets, goals and objectives.

Secondly: you build rapport, relationship and be a role model for the people you manage. Set time aside each week, or every other week to discuss their role, their aims and their objectives. Make sure you understand what they want to achieve with their role, if they feel self confident in the role and how you can support them. Let them fail if you have to but don’t make them fail on purpose. Let them learn and give them guidance.

Thirdly keep yourself up to date. With your job, the industry, your contacts, your staff, staff morale, situations at work etc. Be the one you are and be informed about as much as possible. I am not referring to gossip but to a simple understanding of what is going on.

So from coaching yourself you can take the step to be a good manager and coach to your staff. A quality I find very essential for any manager. Develop your staff….but develop yourself first.

If you want more answers about coaching, please visit our website for Personal Development Coaching.

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Why am I a Buddhist?

As most of you know I feel being a Buddhist. And, I see Buddhism as part of my life.

My personal development trainings I offer with cb consulting are based on the compassion and love I give to any living being.

Just recently I wrote an article on my other blog about “Buddhism – Why am I a Buddhist“?

My Christian values, the moral life I got from there, combined with my drive for personal development, made me find a home in Buddhism.

The 5 percepts of Buddhism fit in with my moral life and the idea of helping others, to gain happiness and wisdom, is something that you should share with everyone. Buddhism, and of course other religions, let you do that. However, Buddhism is more of a “way of life” for me rather than a “strict religious view”.

Please read the article on my other blog and leave a comment. Curious to hear what you think!

Love and Kindness

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I am very quiet at the moment, not really my way normally. Haven’t used twitter for a day and getting bored of Facebook too.

No, am not depressive, just the opposite. I tried explaining that a few months ago about going from one island to another. But my Buddhist friend who I write a blog with about Buddhism and Management said I should focus on settling down on one island and then explore that one. “You cannot be on the move all the time”. And, of course I am not. I am more than happy where I am but I have some thoughts about a new angle of personal development.

You remember about the Prince and the Magician? Exactly, the refocus, the idea of seeing things from a different angle. Not believing everything you see.

What is happening? To be honest – nothing has happened, I am still me and still happy where I am. But, I was thinking about more inner personal development, more about how to integrate Buddhism into my daily life and work. And, I am in the process of putting together a new theoretical approach to it. From Thursday I am planning to visit a new course that will last 6 weeks to see if new techniques will help to ease mind, body and spirit. Am very excited.

You can download my Island Theory on my personal development site of cb consulting. Have a peek if you see the truth in it and if it makes sense to you. Feel free to comment. Any feedback helps development!


My current ideas are around that theory. Based on a another theory that every 6 months you have a peak performance, or a non-peak performance respectively, I believe sitting on the island we can count on developing ourselves from within. Developing ourselves through refocus. Choosing a different way to work, a different path at night, a different way to spend time with your family or approaching your cats differently. You ever noticed the difference a difference can make?

By refocusing on what you are doing and how you are doing it, you will get out stronger, better and more focused. And, you will learn to appreciate moments new.

I believe it was a few weeks back that I read about someone who said: Volker, I noticed today on my way to work that there is a flower. And that flower smelled so nice. I just never smelled anything like that.

Although the flower has been there all along, it is the refocus and the way you appreciate your surroundings.

Off to another day. Very philosophical, I suppose.

Love and Kindness,


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Getting Things done

I notice that more and more people contact me about what I write here. So I would encourage you all to leave a comment too and of course, please link to my site.

Getting Things done is the title of a new book I started reading this week.

getting things done

getting things done

I have read many management books and many time management books. cb consulting offers time management seminars also. So there are really two reasons for me reading this book.

a) David Allen suggests that the old time management techniques like A/B/C prioritising and planning methods are a little out of date. Therefore for me offering trainings I like to offer the most valid way of an effective time management training.

b) as part of my “new life” I need to find a way to deal with hundreds of emails, unexpected work loads, processing information and Getting Things Done! So ultimately it offers me hands-on support in my daily job. Whilst job is defined as any kind of work you carry out, e.g. DIY, gardening etc. (definition by Allen).

I try to keep you up to speed whilst I read this book. Most interesting in the beginning is the theory of the pebble you throw into a pond. It will form some ripples but then it eases out and the pond is still again. That is how you should be able to deal with your work load in order to not stress.

I keep you posted.


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