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Sunday Column (481)

Spring is in the air. If you listen carefully as you board the early morning train, you can hear the birds singing. Our cats got a lovely mouse I rescued from them, and there is a ‘new beginning’ in the air. I signed another advisory role for a blockchain and ICO/ITO (Initial Coin/Token Offering). This is exciting for many reasons. On the one hand I get to work with some very smart people and on the other hand, I am able to learn a lot from them and the product/offering itself. There is no doubt this part of technology is going to be big, so getting involved early is never a bad thing. Exciting times ahead, and more info will be shared on LinkedIn when appropriate. So as you can see I keep myself busy. That is essential. It is interesting how weeks evolve and things happening out of nothing and your week just gets a different spin. For example I spoke to a company one day which after only 30 minutes thought I wouldn’t be commercial enough, despite my experience definitely being able to do that. Then just a few hours later I was in knee deep discussions how

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Round up of #iabengage 2012

I attended the IAB Engage event this week at the Barbican conference centre. I had a hard time finding it but arrived just in time for the first key note. A great venue, although coffee has run out by the time I got there 🙁 Guy Phillipson, CEO of the IAB, summarised the mood of the industry. Discussing the economic downturn, talking about the growth of digital marketing and that it is making up 8.3% of the GDP with 121 billion GBP. The biggest growth is surprisingly mobile marketing. Or not surprisingly to be honest. More brands move budgets to mobile rather than video just because the reach and volume is available. I am certain this will change, but instead of more budget being moved from display to mobile my prediction is that video will be fed from the TV budget. Additional more TVs are being connected too. People would give up chocolate, booze or even sex for a year to get Internet back if it was disconnected – a fact based on a study carried out by the IAB. That is because people are constantly online: on their mobile, tablets, smartphones. This is what we do. Like outdoor back

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