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Sunday Column (482)

Let me start with last weekend. My youngest attended a Beaver’s sleep over and on the way home he noticed that I downloaded a new song to my car playlist. Seems to happen after watching Steve Jobs on a Saturday night, over and over again. Walk on the Ocean….and Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been. He easily picks up on small changes. Not only was he keen on listening to the new songs, we went for a bit of a drive, to catch up, to listen to music and then go home. I absolutely love those moments when you have quality time together with your family, friends or people in general. Hence I strive of doing my podcasts, interviewing highly successful, and highly interesting people about their stories, about what they want to share that made them a bit more successful than their peers.

Just going with the flow, the little man sitting next to me on a booster seat, listening to tunes. This is heaven, I could have driven for miles without stopping, just the two of us, the music and the chat. That’s why I love taking him to Karate each Saturday. That’s our thing to do. Our thing!

On the note of my podcast; on Monday I recorded a fascinating chat with a fellow German. She went through an amazing transformation and now helps people to transform. I keep thinking that I should move to recruitment as I have learned that much about recruitment and understand the industry that well. You never know what’s next I suppose. Amazing transformations…

You know, when people talk about gratitude and giving, and being there for others, and helping. I just want to say here that I am grateful for all the help we received over the last few weeks. As you know I am contracting and therefore have to go to work as regular as possible, and also have to attend interviews to see where things are going to. Yet with my wife having had her eyes lasered, and her having had pain, sleepless nights and ‘complications’, the amount of help is overwhelming. I am very grateful for friends and neighbours taking the kids during hospital visits, taking them to school when I can’t and pick them up, driving them to tennis or just generally giving us a big hug that life will be better. Needless to say I happily return the favour, but that’s not what it is about. The sheer amount of positive energy we received, let me just say Thank You!

On Tuesday I took an early train again to a breakfast session on leadership change. Due to the above challenges I ended up booking my MIL a flight to London the same day, which was a huge relief to have her with us and not relying on too many people re basic daily tasks. Luckily by time of publishing the wife is a lot better (we even went out for a cheeky drink) but it is fantastic to see the help we received. Thanks again, and thank you MIL too! I never thought I was so glad to see her LOL (just kidding, I know you reading this 😉 ).

In other news. Were there other news? I keep myself so busy that on Thursday night I collapsed into bed. When you do two interviews in one day and have some other things going on….preparing a presentation for next week which you get so engaged in because you absolutely love doing what’s required. Where is this journey going to end? Nowhere. It’s a journey, where is the next stop? I want it to be long, intense, yet full of learning and full of fun. Can I make a difference? Whilst hopeful, I don’t want to jinx anything.

And maybe that’s it for this week. Let’s keep it short. Surely I have more time over Easter to write a bit more.

Not long now, I keep telling myself, thanks, from my little corner of the world….

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Stress Management – Music

As you can see, stress management seems to be a popular topic. Why?

I think it is because I get fed up being stressed about things. Work, home, cats, garden, house – whatever the case might be. So, I was looking for an article on stress management and music. I bought some Buddhist Chanting CDs the other day and noticed that listening to them in the background whilst working on proposals, presentations or emails, actually calms me down.

On this site there is a whole lot to read about stress relief management with music. It really works.

So I dug a bit deeper into something I did at uni: Brainwaves! I used to have this programme Brain Wave Generator installed on my laptop. Every time I got tired or could not concentrate on my studies, I used to listen to some “waves” to make me more active, more alert. It worked well. So I installed it again to see if it helps me with my presentations and proposals too. I let you know.

Stress is caused if you are in the beta brainwaves. So aim is to reduce the waves to alpha waves. And, music as well as this brain wave generator really can help you with that. The generator even offers headache treatment and increasing of creativity. Awesome.

It comes highly recommended from my own experience at uni, so why should it not work at work?


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Tracy Chapman


My best ever present was a concert ticket to Tracy Chapman.Thank you to my wife!

Tracy has always been around since I know Jenny and I did not find out until at a friend’s party that the singer of “Fastest Car” was actually female. Sorry Tracy 🙂

I went out and bought all her CDs a while back, we are talking years now, and keep up to date with her newest releases.


What surprised me at the concert is, given she has been on stage for 20 years, that there are few older people. Whilst there were a few older folk, a good few my age (middle age?!), the masses seemed to be (drunken) teenagers and early twenties. However, maybe my perception of younger folk changes as we are getting older 🙁

Overall a great experience. Sitting in the Apollo in Hammersmith enjoying live music from a lady that has affected my life for more than 5 years now.

Thank you Tracy. Lets hear more!


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Turntables and Vinyls

As a proud owner of vinyls and a Sony Turntable I was searching for a brush for vinyls yesterday.

The best place (value for money) and with most accessories available for vinyl fans was “Hard to Find Records“.

vinyl brush

vinyl brush

Above is the brush for only £5.95 surely a bargain compared to other brushes. It should arrive before the weekend. Btw, most of the music I like on vinyls are either Reinhard Mey from the 70ies or other classical music, e.g. the Pastorale from Beethoven, see link below.

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Reinhard Mey

Dieses ist mehr fuer die deutsche Fraktion – for the Germans mainly.

My confession: Since I was about 10 years old I copied tapes from my auntie or bought cassettes (if anyone remembers what they look like) or nowadays I transfer my CDs to MP3 for my phone. Yes, I still do not have an ipod and I am not sure if my phone just does the same job for me.

Reinhard Mey is a German “Liedermacher” – text writer, chansonist, folklore musician? Not sure if you can or would like to translate it. His songs, mey favourite ones are from the 70ies and 80ies, covering everyday life and life like it used to be in the good old days. Songs like “Musik von Hand gemacht” / “music made by hand” – meaning not using electronical guitars and any additional help, are showing that sometimes the good old fashioned way of making music and relating back to the basics are the way forward.

Not many people understand that for me, listening to Reinhard Mey, makes me feel relaxed and taken to another world of my own. A world where I can think of the good old times, no stress, no blackberry, no tube, no overcrowding.

My love goes that far that I bought my most favourite albums on Vinyl, getting the right feel for the music.

You might think I am mad, and maybe I am, but, even Volker is a fan of something – passion for Ballueder 😉

Have a good day.

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