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Sunday Column (471)

One week into the New Year. So what are your New Year resolutions? Oh, and before I forget, Happy New Year to all my readers. It was nice to hear some positive feedback from a ‘Northern’ reader this week (shout out to you mate) which I much appreciate. I really enjoy getting feedback, so please reach out and let me know what you think. Thanks! Socialmedia allows us to reach out to a mass of contacts easily on New Years’s Eve to wish people a Happy New Year. Less of a personal touch and a lot easier than trying to phone people when lines are busy. You remember that, trying to send a text message on NYE a few years back. And the network was down or you didn’t have reception? How times have changed, and technology too. However, it is nice to see what everyone is up to and reflects upon and of course, is looking forward to this year. More about networking below. Next is my podcast, like an audio blog really. The website went live this week: Stories Of Success. I hope to have the first couple of recordings by this time next week and push out

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Sunday Column (419)

I hope you enjoyed my new blog post on Thursday: THURSDAY FLASH, where I wrote about what I enjoy reading, and which information I found useful over the past week. And a quick reminder, if you enjoy this blog, please don’t forget to share the content forward: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn What is next? What is happening in 2017? We had the Brexit, Trump takes office, the world hasn’t really moved since the New Year. So essentially, we are still in 2016. No! This year has already been busy. At least it has been for me. Constructive, forward looking meetings, discussions and idea exchanges. I am buzzing after this week about opportunities out there, and changes to come within the industry. The world. Let’s embrace the change and let’s make 2017 a never to forget year, for the right, positive reasons. I am overwhelmed by the amount of good will, help and support in the community. What ever happens next, I will never forget and pay back to the community whenever I can. Thank you and a shout out to friends, helpers and mentors out there. One of the best meetings this week was a

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sleep and wine

Sleep and wine, cheese and sleep….I covered the latter a while back. Now, what do I want to discuss about wine. One of my “New Year Resolutions” is to drink less alcohol, particular wine. Why? Because it is healthier and I should rather go the gym or for a walk to relax. However, after 10 days of not drinking, I really fancied a glass of wine. Mainly because I read my wine magazine and therefore thought I should have a glass. The first night I had a glass and didn’t sleep well. The next one I had a glass and a half (honestly) and thought the next day that I felt as if I was hangover? Wow, I thought, there must be a reason for it. Is it the food I had or the wine? Now, this morning, after quite a lot of food and half a bottle of wine, I feel fine. And, I did sleep ok but not as long as I would have if I had not been drinking. Summary: I drink and don’t feel like I sleep better but cope with less sleep. I don’t drink and sleep better but can sleep longer. Why is that?

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