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Sunday Column (426)

Monday morning flights kind of suck. Although I should be used to them by now. The good thing? You catch up on your emails you got over the weekend, no replies until you are mid air, and a relaxing flight. Luckily I didn’t have to get up earlier than normal (5 am), so I was right awake and ready to conquer the week. Yet, having had little on the todo list, I enjoyed a relaxed flight listening to podcasts, dozing and enjoying a whole seat row to myself. And the hotel had a sauna. I know British people still think it might be odd to go to a sauna naked, and funny enough so do I now a bit, but it was super relaxing. A steam bath too. I enjoy a bit of spa life in the evenings, trying to not booze up and have fat German meat for dinner. I had it for lunch instead and rather enjoyed it 😉 Fatherland.

Now I still have this Easyjet Pluscard. Yes I jump queues and have fast track through the airport which is handy, and the seats are free to book, however looking at the boarding procedure, Easyjet just let’s people on the plane regardless of speedy boarding or not. I wouldn’t mind but some flights have problems with luggage on board, and children/families aren’t allowed to jump the queue either. I tweeted them a couple time before but so far I haven’t had a satisfactory answer. Children and elderly should board first. Then the ones that pay. Then the rest. This is not about being right but about caring from Easyjet. Everyone who has travelled with little ones knows what hassle it can be. Rant over 😉

Darren Daily, my daily motivational video I listen to at 5 am, reminded me to be happy in the now. I was very happy in the now on Sunday last week. We went to a nice National Trust place and the kids played, ran around, climbed trees etc. I was happy. They were happy. The wife was happy. Happiness is here and now, not when you earn another million pounds, own another car or finish the driveway. We often forget, and I find myself thinking and writing about it a lot, how good we have it and how much we enjoy life. Yes, there is always more to learn, always more to do. Sometimes we just need to stop and enjoy. I feel like I am at the point of doing that. Just as a plane accelerates, breaks through the clouds and almost seems to sail and glide on top of the clouds. To just go with the flow and enjoy the ride. To not push the envelope on things all the time, and just enjoy a bit of what there is. Stop to smell the roses.

My laptop of three years was officially announced dead this week. As I don’t need it anymore, a £400 repair to sell it at £350 or below doesn’t make sense. It seems a waste but my iPad mini set up with keyboard works just like a laptop. To be fair, I think I could easily work off a iPad Pro moving forward instead of getting a laptop again. We shall see. For the time being I have a MacBook Air from work and my iPad Mini for most private things; I shall try to sell my MacBook Air on eBay, or keep it and repair it when I need a laptop again. With most files and pictures now being in the cloud, the question really is for what you need a laptop for anyway. There is talk about having a computer screen at work, in a hotel or at home which just connects to your phone and this will give you access to all your files you need. Fully secure and fully functional. So all peripherals are sitting at one’s disposal and access to cloud based files happens via your ‘dock-phone’. I like that idea. It makes sense.

If you think back, at least for me, when I grew up it was all about owning a CD or vinyl. About having an amazing music system in the living room and owning a fast car. Nowadays it is all about sharing. Buying a part of the ownership, to lease cars, music and streaming movies. Less ownership, less hassle, less responsibility. It is much easier to have access to files these days. Remember libraries? I can’t help the feeling and enjoy the atmosphere of a library. Books, dust and more books. The comics I used to borrow and read. Then cycled back to the library and got new ones. Sometimes more than twice a week. Those were the days. Or at university, sitting in the library doing research, using one of the few computers available, slow, to look up magazine titles. All this can now be done from the comfort of your home. How nice and easy.

Overall I had a great week. The boys were on half term and came and visit me in the office. We had fun! The weekend was good too. My wife ran another race and we went for her early birthday meal. Nice. Life is great.

Be happy and enjoy life.
Love and Happiness from little corner of the world.


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Sunday Column (316)

Sitting at 42,000 feet writing a blog post and face timing the family is new. It was my first in flight wifi experience, a day after the still unreal Germanwings crash. No one expected a Germanwings flight to crash, nor any heavy regulated European airline in Europe. I feel for the families and friends of the people that died. On the flight home we got confronted with more terrible news on the cause of the crash. It leaves me speechless.

Being connected in a plane is a new experience. For my kids, both under 6 years of age, this will be normal. My eldest is asking for the iPad daily to play and started asking to own a phone. I understand that but my parents told me that I wouldn’t be allowed a computer until 10th grade, that was 16 years of age in Germany. Life has changed and the technology advancement is accelerating. What seems new to us who haven’t had iPads or phones 20 years ago, seems normal to the youngsters.

keep calm and attention

How must my parents feel who were around my age when personal computers came to life. My dad, I remember vividly, used a manual board to arrange the different classes for the teachers, allocating rooms and making sure there was no overlaps in the timetables. There are programmes today but even Excel would have been so much easier. Having no Sat-Nav when driving somewhere new? How well has Uber served me this week in Stockholm. A new city but the same, easy to book and easy to pay taxi service.

Being a bit of a Geek and working in the tech space, I enjoy technology advancement. I am debating to get a fitness tracker, e.g. a Jawbone or Fitbit. Latter doesn’t sync with Apple health, former’s model with a pulse sensor hasn’t been released. I guess in a year or two I buy an Apple watch. How couldn’t I?

Quarter one came to an end this week too. It has been busy and Friday we celebrated. I had a glass to the end of Q1, my colleague his leaving do. Unfortunately the restaurant we wanted to go to burned down just minutes prior to us going there, just opposite the office. We easily found an alternative.

A Hassocks dads’ night out, a catch up with friends and family, and lots of time with my boys over the weekend. Sounds like I did nothing really but to be honest, after another busy trip, on which I was lucky to catch up with a very good friend, I was cotent to take it easy. I have been travelling a lot lately, working non-stop as it seems, now is time for some downtime. Easter break. The fire has been on whilst it is raining outside. Summer time started. The dog is content at my feet.

I hope you get some time off, to spend time with your family and loved ones, and let life sink in a bit. Let things calm down a bit and give your loved ones the attention they want. They need. You need.

Have a great week.

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Sunday Column (313)

Now it is March. I finished another 10K run outside last weekend, and probably by time of posting another one. As usual I am ahead of writing posts, and I have been travelling to Paris this week. Next week it is Hamburg again. Then one more trip before Easter. The finish of Q1 came around quickly. It also looks like spring is in the air. It is all good, but times are busier than usual in Q1. A new spring for the economy maybe?

I have been thinking at lot these past weeks. About life, life’s goals and all. I read the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. Not a new book or new principles and it almost seems as if I have read it many years ago, but it gives you a kick in the butt.

For what do you want to be remembered?
Why do you put focus on where you put focus on?
Why do you procrastinate, or waste your time watching the news?
Give a 100%. Every Time.
Always strive to achieve your goals.
Work on your goals: what are they? What do you want to achieve in life?
Reduce the clutter, stop reading the news.

For me, to answer those questions, gets easier and easier, the older I get. Besides some recent developments that help me thinking and refining, I can say that I want to create a meaningful life. A life where I want to look at and say “it was good for me and others, I made a difference”. I aim to make a difference for others and help others to create a more meaningful life. Whether this is through subtle changes, leading by example, help by making a life changing decision or just being there when they need someone. Small or big.


And foremost, I want to be that person for my family. For my kids. To makes sure they grow up with a desire to create a meaningful life for themselves. That might mean something else for them, then it does for me. Yet it is important to define those goals and work towards them. NOW. Not tomorrow.

One never knows how much time is left on the clock. No one knows how much time we have left on earth and whether it is over tomorrow or in 30 years time. I personally don’t want to go just yet. I am just at the beginning of figuring it all out, my kids are young and I am in full swing of my career. I love working and strive to be more successful and grow into a bigger role. I am keen on moving up. Yet at the same time I am keen on spending more time with the kids, help them grow and help them to help others or help their friends to figure out life’s priorities for themselves.

There is so much to do – probably one of the reasons why I always go 100 miles per hour and think I can fit 70 minutes into an hour. There is no time to waste or time to stop and hang around. Always give 100% to achieve your goals, take actions towards them and be inspired by your goals. Make them happen.

The Compound Effect gave me another kick in my butt, yet there is so much going on in life, that I realise that I have to appreciate more of what I have. Whilst I have it. And I do. You never know when you stop having it.

I am probably one of the luckiest men alive, why shouldn’t I be the happiest also, and share my happiness with others?

There is no reason not to.

Have a great week and life. Make the most of NOW!


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