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Sunday Column (394)

Roller Coaster Ride! My life took a turn and it is moving only in one direction: it is up and onwards, and time bound, because we cannot stop time. It means that it is becoming a bit more unstable before it becomes more stable again. Hopefully anyway, a bit of bumps on the road ahead I fear. And when I keep saying you must trust that things will work out in the end, now is the time for me to do exactly that. And I do. Things in life happen for a reason. Things happen to push us out of our comfort zone. We are here to learn, to grow and to move on. Exciting and daunting at the same time. Isn’t life wonderful? We must embrace it as much as we can. I got more endorsements last week on Linkedin from more senior people than ever before. I am winning. I am doing things right. You remember I was saying that a while back. Mentally I am strong, I always was very head strong (my granddad Heinrich’s fault). So now is the time to go back to my roots and make sure they are anchored the way they should

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Sunday Column (224)

This week I know more about what I don’t want to write about than what I am keen on discussing. To be honest, I am a bit fed up of job searches, and job finding. This week was a highlight in some decision making but I will cover that in greater depth hopefully soon. I guess the frustrating bit, and the ultimate roller coaster ride, is that you get verbal offers, promises and then silence for weeks which then result in you not knowing whether things move forward or not; on the other hand you get new opportunities popping up but don’t really want to waste anyone’s time thinking the verbal offer comes through. I guess I need to be more ruthless but never mind. I am the nice guy, right? Hence the real highlight last week was life itself! Colin is probably the sweetest boy on earth. Whiny but great at 4 years old who slowly discovers the world. I am trying to explain things to him but his attention span is too short. He loves the books he got for his birthday telling him all about how the body works and what blood, bones and muscles are. It

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Sunday Column (206)

I have been in Germany with the family this week. A train to the airport, a “funny” train between terminals, a slightly delayed plane (as a family we haven’t had a travel where the plane was on time yet), an ICE train and a small train before Opa picked is up. 9 hours of travel. The boys loved it, were behaved and the ICE train even had a compartment for families. A luxury journey. It was my dad’s 70th birthday, an occasion to meet the family, the kids to play and bond with their cousins, and all of them to bond with Oma and Opa. We had a good time. We drank lots of wine as we stayed up late chatting away and catching up. Normal I suppose. We enjoyed it. There is a lot of things happening in the family. My brother is building a house, dad got his first ever smart phone. Lots of great food, home cooked meals, fresh rolls (Brötchen) and lots of play with old childhood toys. The other occasion of course was Rohan’s 2nd birthday, hence the celebration as birthday twins was for 70+2 birthday 🙂 So lots of attention was given to our

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