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Sunday Column (508)

I want to start with giving thanks this week and share some personal notes. My grandmother turned 98 today and it gives me great satisfaction to see that life is still good for her. On the other spectrum someone I know lost his mother, and in a Facebook post he said ‘you taught me everything I know but how to live without you’. Isn’t that true? Whilst all of that happened, I wrote a card to someone close who was diagnosed with cancer. That’s life for you. Hence this week might be a good post to read and have some take away from it. A post from me wearing a coaching hat, hoping to help you to develop yourself. I want to talk about focus. A topic I have been looking at for a few months now. Focus is something I am applying to more and more areas of my life. My old manager used to say, “focus, fight and change the conversation”. If you are anything like me, a productivity buff, family person, ambitious, career oriented, and interested in a variety of topics, you can easily lose yourself in it. As most of you know, I recently started my

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Where is the path leading us to?

This path has a gate at the end. A gate to heaven? A gate to pastures new? To new opportunities? Will the gate be open when we get there? What will the path be like? Curiosity will lead us down the path. Uncertainty will keep us going. Be confident. Be bold. Don’t look down to test the path, focus on the gate at the end. Make it your goal. You will get there. Don’t worry. Picture: Butcher’s Wood, Hassocks

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Buddhist Thought: Mistakes

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. Buddha This is a very simplified way of saying: – in order to succeed in anything you need to start with it. No results without action. – you have to finish what you started to see truth Someone who doesn’t finish what they started or who never started, will never achieve what they set out to achieve. Find the road to truth. Stay on the path. Go it all the way. Buddha bless. Volker

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