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Sunday Column (512)

I wrote this post about mobile usage in Asia during my holidays in Singapore. However, I only got a chance to publish it now. Too many other ideas on content and sharing of thoughts, and new ideas. Seems as if my brain is always buzzing. I suppose it is, and I love writing as my creative outlet. My recent trip to Singapore, 10 years since I have been to Asia properly with the exception of a trip to Turkey, times have changed with the arrival of smart phones. A podcast mentioned 300m middle class mobile phone users in China, and some research suggests a population of 260m in Asia alone (stats from 2016); in comparison the USA has 325m people (2016) and Europe about double that: 741m. Asia as a whole counts 4.5bn and Africa 1.2bn people. Take those numbers in. Just because I have been to India recently, you can count another 1.25bn people in India alone, an emerging and tech savvy market. Let’s digest that for a minute and look at (observed) behaviour. People are constantly on their phones. In Europe, London, they are, but Asia I found that behaviour even worse. That is of course if it

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Sunday Column (81)

This week was busy. My mother in law stayed her third week and her boyfriend came as well. Her staying helped us a lot and we were glad she was here. However, I am also glad to have our house back to ourselves. We got our kitchen floor done this week too. This added to more stress, but luckily (or unluckily) I have been away with work a lot. I went to Leeds on Monday, not returning until very late, and also attended some webinars in the US which means long and late hours in front of this lovely laptop. Dreams: I want an HTC Desire Z. It is an Android powered super machine with a physical keyboard. Just a bit on the expensive side still but we shall see how prices will come down towards Christmas. I had several blasts from the past this week. Facebook made it happen for me to connect with my host sisters in the US who I haven’t seen since 1993. Also another friend from the US I haven’t seen since either, and it makes me wonder how modern technology helps you so much to share your life. But is it what you want?

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