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Sunday Column (288)

What a busy week. Where to start? Monday saw me continuing my 5 am starts with a 5K run. My osteopath on Saturday seemed to think things are improving, yet I wasn’t convinced on Monday; but usually it gets better during the week. At the end of the week I managed another 10K which second as a detox after a heavy trade show week. It has been 30 days now that we have been back from holidays and I am back into my 5 am routine. They say it takes 60 days to form a new habit, so half way through I am wondering, am I getting there? Of course I do. Getting up got a lot easier, to the extend that I naturally wake up around 430 to 5. Exercising got a lot better with my first 10K run, my weight increase on the bench press gets me back to uni levels. Things are moving in the right direction. Of course it doesn’t stop you from being tired. Some days I notice that my brain is still half asleep or still full of toxins (as in not relaxed, not hangover 😉 ). Usually this is fixed with a nap

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Weekend – lots of progress

Just a quick progress report. My career coaching worked well on Monday and my client made a very good decision – in his/her and my view. So I am very happy it works out well. Marcelo and I are about to set up a blog purely dedicated to Buddhism and Management, helping others, which I will announce shortly. Ergo this blog will focus more on cb consulting and on Search Engine Marketing and general management topics. The spiritual side of things will move. I also finished my essay on Islands – published within the next few days. We started de-cluttering our flat too. A friend took a table and shelf. Still no moving date but off to B&Q today for a peek on things….all excited. Hope you are well. Volker Ballueder

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