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Inbound Marketing – push versus pull

I am a little behind writing about things. But Hubspot who has built itself a good reputation for inbound marketing over the last while, has done a webinar about “Measuring Inbound Marketing 101“. Coming from a telemarketing background and being a strong believer that outbound marketing works, I am not denying that inbound marketing might be more effective. The “push versus pull” approach. I agree that email marketing, Radio and TV adverts are not working as well anymore. Direct Mail I believe is still a viable outbound marketing tool as it lands directly on your desk and is used less often by companies these days. So it might be on its way back?! What is inbound marketing? Using “pull marketing techniques” such as a) Social media: twitter, Facebook, Linkedin b) Search Marketing (SEO/PPC): being found rather than finding the client c) Bringing content to people, e.g. blogs, PR, videos or podcasts Those information need to be found, using the right “tags” by the people that are potential clients for your services. E.g. instead of you phoning 100 people a day and hoping that 10% are interested in your service, you wait until they come to you. But does that work?

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