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Thursday Flash (44)


This week is about six rituals from ancient wisdom that will make you happy (if you follow the advice) – a rather long but worthwhile read on things we have known for generations, yet have we applied that knowledge?

And if you want to become rich, try to work on those seven wealth mentalities. No guarantee from my end though.

Lastly, if you learn the 7 traits of the most resilient people, you might become rich too. Again, no guarantee 🙂

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Thursday Flash (36)


How resilience works: This HBR article was recommended to me by my CEO. This is a great article and worth spending the time to read and understand.

The brain reset button – or when I thought that getting drunk as a student did the same as pressing reset on an old 486 PC 😉 Life doesn’t quite work like that but this is a very useful article to ‘reboot the brain power’.

Use systems to make your life easier. Those of you who have read my book would have read similar. The better the system, the easier the habit, the more simplistic your life can become.

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