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Back to School

This week is back to school. If not a lot earlier, most people return to work this week. Particularly in the UK, with people enjoying splendid weather over the bank holiday weekend (just over a week ago), some took the additional week off. Why not. I have been on it since early August, working on content for my blog, my LinkedIn Videos and launch of my executive and productivity coaching business. I have been lucky to see a trend that companies are interested in mindfulness trainings and how they can create a culture within an organisation that looks after their employees. As I continue with a top end training course later in the year, I started teaching meditation and mindfulness, incorporating emotional intelligence (EQ), working towards productivity. It all seems to come together. This week is back to school for the kids too. That means childcare is sorted for most of the day, and life returns to some kind of routine. It also means that you see less of your children. Unfortunately, that’s how life is. Those who follow me closely know that I currently split my time between a part-time job and launching my own business. That is splitting

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Sunday Column (421)

I am starting to write this blog after watching a video of a man with no limbs. If the video doesn’t work, visit Nick’s video on YouTube. Isn’t that amazing. The attitude and positivity of a man who mastered life despite disabilities. And we are whinging when the wood for the wood burner is a bit wetter this year or Tesco delivers expired products. His life puts our misery a bit in perspective. Living in the 1st world as we call it, we are spoiled for things. As he states in the video, if he falls over and cannot get up, he will try a 100 times. He never ever gives up until he achieves his goal. However simple or small it seems to be. Achievement, or however you want to define Success, is your true Potential minus any Interference. Whether that is Interference from the outside (physical) or internal, the things you are telling yourself that holding you back to develop your full potential to progress and achieve. Stop telling yourself how little you have achieved but focus on the whole lot you have achieved. Look at 2016 for instance: realise how many days you have done so well.

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Going Backwards – Extended Rear-Facing Car Seats

As you know, every now and then, I ask my wife or friends to write an article on this blog. This time I asked my wife to write about rear facing car seats. Why? Because she has done extensive research that should benefit both parents, parents to be, and the general interested public. We don’t want to be patronising but give an objective view on it. Or my wife does: Volker asked me to write a guest post about our choice of rear facing car seats for the boys. I am writing this purely to raise awareness that extended rear-facing (ERF) car seats exist and not to disregard anyone’s choice on their car seats. Every parent makes their choice based on many factors, and these are my views and some of the obstacles we have come across. Colin, our eldest, was a big baby! By 7 months old he was 12.5kg and almost too heavy for his Maxicosi stage 0 infant carrier, time to think of a new car seat! Purely by chance I saw a post on babycentre.co.uk about ERF car seats. There was a link to youtube.com and safety videos, crash tests etc etc. I sat in tears

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