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Sunday Column (211)

I am starting this post whilst sitting in bed. 8 pm on Wednesday. No, I am not ill but tired. Last night I had a good night out with a friend who I haven’t seen for a long time, came home for half 10 and thanks to an ill boy and another unsettled boy, I spent half the night awake. I was so shattered I worked from home on Wednesday. I am lucky I can do that, although I recently found out there is a legislative for it too, e.g. giving employees time for family and family matters. Anyhow, whilst writing I just took R into our bed, with temperature and a cough he wouldn’t settle by himself. Three sentences on and he is more or less asleep. Bliss. Our weeks have been like that lately, I had the man flu, the kids are ill, musical beds….the joys of family. On Monday I was so tired I couldn’t even sleep. Needless to say I have done no exercise, no healthy eating, and haven’t had my weekly fast day either. But I love the boys and I am glad I can be with them. Support the wife and when I am

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Sunday Column (187)

This week started alright I thought. Slightly hung over from Saturday I didn’t feel well on Sunday. But it was Sunday to Monday night that I found out that it wasn’t the booze but some evil virus that made me feel sh@t. A stomach bug. Two days off sick. Or, as it happens these days, home office from your bedroom in between sleeps and toilet visits. My boss had the cheek to say “you look good being sick”. I didn’t feel it 🙁 On Wednesday I went back to work. Not only did I feel better but I also didn’t have a choice. We got a new water tank and thermostatic valves fitted. No water, no toilet flushing 😉 But as I said I was much better anyway. By time of writing my oldest seem to recover and we wait for the wife to be sick. The youngest had some symptoms already, maybe that was it already? Maybe it wasn’t. A bit of a gamble. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my trip to Madrid. I haven’t seen my staff there for a while and had some good meetings lined up. Also I wanted to meet our new staff. Never mind,

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