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Thursday Flash (37)

Flash… This week’s first article is about the Japanese Way Of Life and how happiness and a fulfilled life leads to a higher life expectancy. And whilst I am a Slack user, there is fabulous guide on How Slack uses Slack. That’s like looking at Google and asking them how they search stuff. Very insightful I find. Last but not least, this article tells you all about focus and priority based on entrepreneurs’ views of the world. Great insight if you aske me: Things Entrepreneurs tell you to do.

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Thursday Flash (10)

Welcome to this week’s bulletin. We are well into March! Wow, time flies, and we are celebrating my 10th Thursday Flash. That means we are 10 weeks into the year I suppose 🙂 In line with my interest in productivity, I am a enthusiastic user of Slack for private groups and work groups and communication. This article on ‘Slack Hacks‘ is useful for the user of Slack and makes the productivity tool more productive. Double win this week! Tying your data to phone numbers? Oh yes, that’s possible and scary. There are endless possibilities, including cookie data. I am advising a start up in that space and I am astonished to what possibilities there are. Stay tuned for more on that in the coming months I’d say. And yes, there is more on Artificial Intelligence (AI) – this week is ‘only’ a summary of what AI is and how it is use and how useful it is for organisations. It also outlines the trend of acquisitions/growth of the industry. A worthwhile read in my opinion if you are interested in that topic. I am sure there is more next week on AI.

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