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Sunday Column (177)

Writing my Sunday Column is more a “Friday on my way home from work task”. I often write it up on Fridays and then add the weekend as and if it is interesting. This Friday I was off and thanks to my wife got some work done on the house, spend less time with the kids than anticipated but instead got some “me time”. So that was nice. Time for me to return the favour some time soon. Anyway, this week my thoughts were all over the shop. Yes, this picture tells a story of an excellent wine, and a good chat my wife and I had over this bottle. Direction. Family. House. Life in general. My Buddhist friend always said whatever you decide in life you will get the right challenges and end up where the universe wants you to be. The greater good? The greater god? The great unconscious in the universe? Actually I was asking to meet a few folk this week and were thinking about meeting someone I haven’t seen for a long time. A day later I met him in the tube, then got a phone call from someone else I was thinking of. Maybe

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Sunday Column (143)

“Wow Wow Wow” were supposedly Steve Jobs’ last words. I read his Biography over the last few weeks, 600 pages, and I couldn’t put it down. This man is fascinating. He sold me Apple from his grave. The product, the philosophy, the perfectionism and that attitude make a lot of sense. I suppose he had a lot of bad sides, and I was told that as an employee of Apple you weren’t suppose to talk or look at him unless he looked at you, but his idea of perfection was phenomenal. I suppose almost on the “sick” side. But as people say, the line between genius and insanity is a very fine one. Easy to cross. Buddha bless my Buddhist friend Steve and I am confident that I will be the proud owner of at least two new Apple products next year: the iPad3 and and iPhone5. We shall see. Everyone who has seen me being transformed from Blackberry to Android to Apple thinks I am stark raving mad. And they might be right 🙂 Another highlight this week was Thursday. Not because my wife felt that ill but that I worked from home in the afternoon. As usual I

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