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Principles of Success

Hello followers, Just as I start season 2 of my podcast Stories of Success, I wanted to share the Principles of Success. Those are 12 principles which I will write about over the forthcoming weeks. I’d appreciate any feedback on whether you think they are relevant and whether they are useful. Do you have a similar experience? How do they compare to the old principles from 2013 I published a while back? Feel free to sign up to my newsletter here. Or go an download a free copy of Principles of Success! Thanks for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Volker

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Success like it was 2013

As recent as 5 years ago I wrote a PowerPoint with the ‘Top 10 Principles of Success’. I rediscovered them by accident when researching for my latest work on ‘Principles of Success‘. The principles are based on my interviews on my podcast, Stories of Success. A lot of success in there. So in 2013 I collated the following: 1. Begin with the end in mind, focus on the outcome and make sure you have stepping stones which are like mini goals on your todo list for your big goal 2. Communicate: whether it is active listening or understanding people 3. Think Win/Win: sustainable business and business ethics, trust and belief in building a relationship 4. Have fun, be positive about work and enjoy what you are doing; be passionate 5. Reflection: take time off to relax, calm your mind and meditate 6. Time Management, whilst a topic in itself, made it on the list with planning only 70% of your time and using a trusted system 7. Financial Planning: Taking a calculated risk, be able to live of less than you have, creating a buffer for unexpected expenses 8. Helping, developing and coaching others 9. Having mentors 10. Balancing life

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Success Stories – first quarter summary.

Dear listener (and readers of course), You have been likely to listen to my podcast Stories of Success over the last few months. I have been going for 3 months now, and I figured it was time to write up a solo episode which I then decided to put into writing rather than ‘reading it out’ or podcasting it. Again, thank you for staying with me over the first quarter and we have some existing guests coming in Q2 this year. Please rate my podcast if you like it and also, please subscribe on your favourite podcast outlet, as this will help me to increase my fellowship and amount of listeners. I started the podcast in January to explore how some of my friends are successful, some aren’t as much and what it takes for some of my mentors and industry leaders to climb up the career ladder. This was triggered by a) me looking for a job and looking for inspiration but b) also to build more of an expertise of what it takes to coach people to become (more) successful. So a lot of my learning is based on their learning and experience. Naturally, as it is in

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