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Sunday Column (48)

Sunday. Hurray. What a week, I don’t really know where to start. I am very excited about a few things. One is my job which I really enjoy. And, I am not only saying that. I am convinced we currently have one of the best display media optimisation offerings out there to utilise ad exchanges. People are responding very well to it, so I am very happy with my choice of job. Anyhow, besides that I am very excited about my son Colin who started saying DADA and I am now sure he means me 🙂 However, he was quite sick this week, including a big accident on Friday night after which we had to dispose some cushions 🙁 The joy of having a baby I suppose. My wife didn’t feel well either but so far I have been ok. Then I am excited about my new regime – I have been up every morning at 5:45 am to go swimming and to go to the gym. Hopefully I keep doing that for the next while. My knee still hurts but with Ibuprofen and hopefully slow progression I am confident it will only be temporary. Fingers crossed. And then I

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