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Sunday Column (456)

Is it Sunday again? This week flew past. Literally. I enjoy flying somewhat, but as you know, long distance flights and change of sleeping and training patterns, I am not a fan of. I flew out to New York last Sunday. A packed plane. Not a week long trip like last spring, but this time it was a breakfast meeting with my new boss, team meetings, team social, team meetings and flight home. It could have been any city I stayed in. Home, taxi, plane, taxi, hotel, walk/taxi, office, taxi, plane, home. But it was New York, and it has its charm. I love NY. Seriously, this could be a city to live in. I was back early Wednesday, and the flight back was a bit bumpy. It was a good trip, and it feels like I am now where I wanted to be when I was a freshener at university: high jetting lifestyle. That was then, in terms of objectives. What is now, is different. It took me all summer to finally go on a bike ride with my eldest last weekend. Bad excuses and not wanting to disappoint my youngest who still hasn’t managed to learn cycling. That

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Sunday Column (443)

You know the opening line? Maybe slightly different this week. My last Easyjet flight for a while. No, I wasn’t fed up too much with them, almost accepting the standard hour long delay on a Monday/Tuesday morning, but they changed their flight schedule. No more early morning flights to Hamburg. So I am back to Eurowings and BA for the next few weeks. I also did my last longer, 3 days, trip to Hamburg. Moving forward it will be a two day visit with 2 hours total commute to the airport. The joys. However, we came a long way with work in Hamburg. It has been a pleasure to guide things so far and change things accordingly. Now it is about guidance and supporting the new set up. It is a bit of accomplishment, a bit of 7 years of Easyjet, a bit of early morning tiredness that makes me feel a bit melancholic. Seriously, it ain’t over yet. The hard work only just began, but it is the fun bit. It’s like getting your kids out of nappies, to get this annoying phase over. Then it is fun from there on, still challenging but different. And personally, I love

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Sunday Column (64)

Another week: this one passed very quickly. On the one hand I don’t remember seeing my office as I have been in meetings most of the week, networking events, catch ups etc. So overall a very good week. On the other hand Colin was a really grumpy bugger. However, although I was away two nights, I managed two nights to bath him and put him to bed. That was nice and gave my wife a bit of a break as she mostly had to deal with our very grumpy baby this week. Tuesday night was a networking event of our part of the industry that focuses on ad exchange optimisation. A small part of a small industry, the geeks of the geeks 😉 Seriously, it was a great event and good to see so many people that work so closely with me – one way or another. Thursday was the leaving night of a business partner, however I had to cancel it last minute as I was just to shattered. So this week was 99% work, so I don’t want to bore you with it. Saturday we managed to re-book some flights for holidays and family trips. We also ended

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