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Sunday Column (46)

England got me back! Yes, I was in Germany for a week and if you followed me on Twitter or Facebook, you already know what happened. I started my new job with the media optimization company mexad on Monday. On Monday night I was supposed to fly out to Germany with Easyjet from Gatwick Airport at 18.40. They announced the flight at 6 pm as “please wait”, and kept us in the unknown until about 19.40 and announced a gate. To summarize things: more waiting, a bus tour to the plane, waiting next to the plane, a bus tour back, more waiting at the gate, and a cancelled flight. Wow! Not a good start for a new job. Reason for the cancellation was that the pilots were refusing to fly as they were out of hours. Luckily my new colleague could book me a flight with Easyjet for 7.05 on Tuesday. It costs a few pounds more but secured me a seat. Some people were waiting for several days trying to get home to Germany, and the que in front of me was horrendous. I got a taxi back home, spend a few hours sleeping and headed to Cologne on

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Sunday Column (3)

What a week. It went so quickly that I don’t believe it is Sunday again. After us renovating the hall last weekend, the dust was still settling all week. However, it is nice to see what we are capable of doing in the house and how we can improve our living space with little effort. Also, I am getting quite excited about my veggies and hope I can put them out in the garden soon. It is amazing how much they have grown already! On Tuesday I went to the Social Media World Forum in London. An interesting show and conference but we only went for a few hours to listen to some seminars. Social Media Marketing is still not the biggest part of Search or Online Marketing but a growing sector. With Twitter being ever so popular at the moment, Social Media is becoming more important for the marketing mix. But, will it ever be a part of the marketing that takes off on its own? We will see what 2009 brings. I keep reading the Razorfish Digital Outlook Report 2009. Ad Exchanges and Social Media are still the most interesting and the most to watch areas for 2009.

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