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Sunday Column (182)

Now this week passed very quickly. A trip for an important meeting in Germany on Monday, humid 30 degrees. Tuesday an away day with the UK team at go-ape that scared the living daylight out of me. For anyone not familiar, you climb up a tree, balance on things, jump off things and so on. A scary but great character and team building day. I am still sore today. Surely not the best thing for my back as towards the end of the week it was worse again 🙁 Wednesday I went to Bournemouth for client meetings and Thursday/Friday I spend in the office wrapping things up for our office move and before I am off for a week. The family was away so I decided to take a few days off to bond again, pick them up from the airport and be the nice family guy 🙂 more later. The weather wears me down a bit. Seven hours sleep, still tired. A few beers, a glass of wine and then: police helicopters and eight (!) police cars chasing a copper theft in Hassocks. No good sleeping. After a first burglary in 33 years, a murder of some junky by

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