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Sunday Column (166)

I couldn’t have asked for a nicer start to the week. It was a special day, I had the day off, and for the first time in weeks it was sunny. So the family took off to an animal farm in order to look at goats, sheep, lamas, cows etc. However, the turkeys were evil and really scared Colin. Bless. We did a nice lunch in a country pub and finished the day with playing train tracks at home. Fantastic. I agree that these birds are ugly and can be quite scary if you are a lot smaller than myself 😉 Obviously reality caught up with me this week at work. I have been busier than normal and lots of things seem to happen. I also did a lot of networking, ending up drinking too much, every night of the week. Having said that, I kept up my running routine and managed my first 30 minute non-stop run on Friday. So I am very chuffed with myself. This week I had a lot of thoughts. Not only about age but also about where the journey is going. The life journey. It might sound sentimental but when you stop life for

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