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Thursday Flash (25)

Flash…. The One Morning Habit to Break to Create More Time in Your Day – have you thought about getting up early? And enjoy the moment rather than the moment or phone controlling you. Stop to smell the roses I say. Nothing is more satisfying to watch your kids sleeping. Management and Emotions – I wrote my Master Thesis on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Showing emotions as a manager isn’t a bad thing. We are all humans, and I believe that honesty paired with real emotions, no fakeness, gets you a lot further than stabbing people in the back. Willpower and motivation are key to success. Being able to focus on the most important task first and having the mindset to stick to it, is super important. Did you enjoy the Flash? Please forward it! Thanks, Volker

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NLP revisited – going back to basics?!

Good day, I have written a lot about NLP before. And, as most people know, I did my Master Practitioner in NLP in 2003, which is now unbelievable 5 years ago. Often, I wonder how much I have incorporated NLP in my daily life, my daily thinking and how much it has affected my work and life. I come to the conclusion that it probably has but I that I have not had this “wow effect” which changed my life and made me that “super hero”. I don’t even think NLP does that. My changes and my help from NLP were suttle. They came slowly and they last. Now, a few weeks ago, I was waiting for a train and didn’t have a magazine or book with me. So I went into WHSmith to see what was available. I bought a book about NLP, “change your life with NLP”. To be honest, I am very very curious of reading this book. Deliberately I am not naming the author because it seems to be one of those books that have been written on the back of really good NLP books. This one made it to the shelf for the masses and

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