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Sunday Column (339)

As I started writing this blog I just published an Ebook/guide on weight loss. It describes what I have done, and what made me lose and keep off 8 kg since January. Yes, I am proud of it, yet this is only one piece of the jigsaw of a successful and healthy life. As a matter of fact, the guide will form part of a new book I am writing on, hopefully completed next year. I am excited about personal development. I am passionate about the potential to train your mind, to develop your personality, and about what all we can learn, and how we can improve other people’s lives. This is my greatest hobby, passion and interest. For me, being back on the commute, is like being back at school. I started to pick university lessons from iTunes university and listened to quantum mechanics this week. I now understand why older, retired people, are going back to university. There is so much out there to learn, understand and explore. However, it is time that is the challenge. With on average 7.5 hours of sleep, a 5:30 am start at the moment, I feel I don’t have enough spare time.

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