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Sunday Column (258)

The week started with Rohan’s 3rd birthday party. It was fantastic. I never realised how much I enjoy kids’ sweets, cleaning up and enjoying to watch a 3 year old unwrapping presents. Their innocence, ignorance, excitement (all in a good sense) is amazing, heart melting. Never before had I more of a desire to pause time and just enjoy a moment forever. As cheesy as it might sound I really enjoy the boys at their current age. Building and playing hot wheels. It is their main thing and sometimes, when they are still asleep and I am up during the week, I catch myself setting up the course or putting a car through the loop. The remote control car gets more used by me than anyone else 🙂 My life focus has changed. Not so much my commitment to either family or work, but thanks to my coach I enjoy a lot more focus. I am more productive in what I do, either at work or at home. Now I need to get back into a exercise routine, early mornings and the commute. It feels like I haven’t had much routine commuting over the past 10 months. But as a

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