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Sunday Column (200)

The 200th Sunday Column. That makes it just under four years. I am happy and proud that I found an outlet by continuing to write this column which started as a blog about personal development, then a personal blurb to now a mixture of thoughts, ideas and my weekly thoughts about life – my blurb I suppose. It is almost the end of 2012. Maybe a good time to reflect on what happened this year. Milestones this year were probably in January when work announced that the company was sold to another company. Whilst it didn’t have too much of a direct impact this year, it will have a bigger impact next year. Exciting times ahead and I am happy in the space I am at. Also, we got a new car and after deciding to move away from Beckenham after over 8 years we found a place in Hassocks. We made an offer in January for a new place. In February a mayor change happened. I split my private and personal phone, sold my HTC Android phone to work and got myself an iPhone. The rest is history. Two iPads and an iMac as well as AppleTV later… Steve

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Sunday Column (94)

Christmas time, mistletoes and wine…..yep, Christmas is coming and it is coming fast. This week started with a busy Monday, a busy Tuesday in Leeds followed by a diner & drinks with my boss. A Wednesday client lunch, a Thursday client lunch, a Thursday mexad Christmas party, and a slow Friday. Whoop, that week really passed quickly. And it’s gotten cold again. Minus. Snow. My cousin wanted to visit but couldn’t because of cancelled flights. Here we go again. On Saturday I beat the snow to it and went shopping really early. And, the shopping should last us 2 weeks also 🙂 Roll on Christmas. I will write a proper review of 2011 but where are we now. 12 months into a new job, a new part of the industry, an exciting company. 2011 will see more growth, more fun and more expansion. I am very excited. However, there growth for the family too. Colin expects his little brother early February, a new life and a new cycle starts over again. It is exciting to see it, to feel it and we are looking forward to it, as the work will be all well worth it. Looking back, 18 months

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