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Sunday Column (421)

I am starting to write this blog after watching a video of a man with no limbs. If the video doesn’t work, visit Nick’s video on YouTube. Isn’t that amazing. The attitude and positivity of a man who mastered life despite disabilities. And we are whinging when the wood for the wood burner is a bit wetter this year or Tesco delivers expired products. His life puts our misery a bit in perspective. Living in the 1st world as we call it, we are spoiled for things. As he states in the video, if he falls over and cannot get up, he will try a 100 times. He never ever gives up until he achieves his goal. However simple or small it seems to be. Achievement, or however you want to define Success, is your true Potential minus any Interference. Whether that is Interference from the outside (physical) or internal, the things you are telling yourself that holding you back to develop your full potential to progress and achieve. Stop telling yourself how little you have achieved but focus on the whole lot you have achieved. Look at 2016 for instance: realise how many days you have done so well.

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NLP revisited – going back to basics?!

Good day, I have written a lot about NLP before. And, as most people know, I did my Master Practitioner in NLP in 2003, which is now unbelievable 5 years ago. Often, I wonder how much I have incorporated NLP in my daily life, my daily thinking and how much it has affected my work and life. I come to the conclusion that it probably has but I that I have not had this “wow effect” which changed my life and made me that “super hero”. I don’t even think NLP does that. My changes and my help from NLP were suttle. They came slowly and they last. Now, a few weeks ago, I was waiting for a train and didn’t have a magazine or book with me. So I went into WHSmith to see what was available. I bought a book about NLP, “change your life with NLP”. To be honest, I am very very curious of reading this book. Deliberately I am not naming the author because it seems to be one of those books that have been written on the back of really good NLP books. This one made it to the shelf for the masses and

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