The Diamond Cutter

I am reading the book THE DIAMOND CUTTER at the moment. Again, one of those amazing books you do not want to put down.

In a Buddhist way Geshe Michael Roach is showing how sustainable business really works. And, how you can apply Buddhist principles to it.

My most favourite chapter is about the imprints you left in your life that cause you experiencing similar situations over again.
For an example, if you had a bad boss and you are thinking that is only his fault to be bad, then this leaves an imprint. You then move to another company and somehow you have a similar situation there. Not happy, bad boss. It is your imprint, your perception that let you be in certain situations.

Geshe Michael gives a great instruction on how to change your imprint, to only have positive imprints that lead to a great business, happy work and great situations – it is up to you and how you perceive situations as well as your previous experience.

Definitely a MUST READ. His Website is here, currently under construction. But you find a short abstract here. Also, there is another website.