the weather – what else to talk about in Britain ,-)

It is not only a rumour but the Brits talk a lot about the weather. Why?

I have lived in the UK for 7 years and being strong connected to Scotland and have lived there, I preferred the weather to London. What might seem odd at first, the problem is that Scotland’s East Coast, e.g. Aberdeen, is not as wet as the west coast, e.g. Glasgow. Therefore, we usually had around 15-20 degrees in the summer, rather nice if you ask me.

London is different. The weather was horrible for the last few weeks. Rain, cold, warm, snow – “April’s Weather”. However, for the last 3 days it is boiling hot. 22 degrees, coming up to 24 degrees. And, of course we are complaining. It is all global warming, the office is too sticky and we are sweating in the heat. Just imaging the tube at this temperature, being in there with millions of others.

But, don’t worry. The weather will change again and then people will moan again about it being too cold, too unpleasant and that they cannot wait for the real summer…..the moaning cycle is like the weather, just more predictable 😉

Volker Ballueder

London Weather