Thursday Flash (4)

Happy Thursday. I am getting busier, but feedback and statistics on the side shows that you like my bulletin. Enjoy this week’s edition:

Willing to do whatever it takes? Are you ready? If you want the ultimate success and you want to be on top of the world, retire on that beach, you must be ready to do whatever it takes. I enjoyed reading this article, a bit motivational and makes you think, how much you want to sacrifice in order to push things forward.

Simon Sinek suggests some questions to ask when starting a new (junior) job. Whilst I think it is more relevant for junior jobs, there are some takers for senior interviews too. Asking the right questions is key when applying and interviewing. One should not forget, ‘inter view’ means ‘between views’ means it is a two (or more) way process. I remember hiring someone once because he clearly impressed me with the questions he asked, how he asked me and his thinking behind those questions. So remember, it is not a one way street and come prepared to ask the right questions.

I put this in my Sunday Column as well, but this video is just a must watch in my opinion: The man with no limbs who never gives up and is a very happy person. It goes in line with the first link, are you ready to do whatever it takes to succeed. And if not, why not? Maybe you are happy with your current state and don’t want to develop, which is fair enough. But if you do, watch this man. No more excuses. For anything!